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22 September, 2013Becoming Crystalline and the Equinox Gateway15485

Kara Schallock

4 September, 2013 Energy Forecast - The Celestial Conversion - Are You Ready? 12900

Emmanuel Dagher

17 September, 2013September Equinox, 2013 - Rebirth9183
3 September, 2013Multidimensionality & Preparing for the September Equinox9071
14 September, 2013Prepare for 9/21 Equinox Gateway8570


11 September, 2013The New Earth Energies September 20137830

Starchild Global

24 September, 2013Stop Wishing – Create Now7773

Brenda Hoffman

22 September, 2013Equinox Gateway 2013 – Empath and HSP Tools7543

Rev. Irma Kaye Sawyer

10 September, 2013The Fog is Lifting6993

Karen Downing

11 September, 201311th September 2013: Venus in Scorpio6732

Sarah Varcas

17 September, 2013The Blanket of Depression6617

Dana Mrkich

25 September, 2013Levels of Connection with Your Soul6199

Jeshua Channelings

20 September, 201320th – 22nd September 2013: Pluto stationing Direct6192

Sarah Varcas

5 September, 2013Self-Healing Meditation6133

Eckhart Tolle

30 September, 2013New Moon Intentions Process6131


12 September, 2013The Interaction Between Mars, Pluto and Chiron5973

Dana Mrkich

25 September, 2013Onward and Upward LightWarriors!5825

Dana Mrkich

26 September, 201326th September to 8th October 2013: Sun/Uranus/Pluto T Square5822

Sarah Varcas

10 September, 2013Whipping Up Some Miracles5821

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

13 September, 2013How to Set Awkward Boundaries: “No” is a Complete Sentence!5757

Dr. Judith Orloff

3 September, 2013September 2013 Energy Forecast - Pyramids of Peace5702

Lee Harris

13 September, 2013The Rainbow Bridge5674

Carolyn Ann O'Riley

25 September, 2013Divine Embodiment5673

Ailia Mira

17 September, 201317th September 2013: Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio (again!)5533

Sarah Varcas

16 September, 201316th September 2013: Saturn Conjunct North Node5458

Sarah Varcas

25 September, 2013Walking a Tightrope5417


4 September, 2013Healing and Grieving Old Wounds5412

Dana Mrkich

19 September, 2013The Art of Being Human5377

Sonia Barrett

24 September, 2013A Cluster of Synchronicities5346

David R. Hamilton PhD

16 September, 2013What Hat Are You Wearing?5323

Jim Self

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