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15 October, 2017It’s Your Vibration1330

Goddess Light

8 October, 2017Inspiration for the Week - From Fear to Ecstasy 1331

Shanta Gabriel

6 October, 2017Your Authentic Core1417

Jamye Price

21 October, 2017You Choose The Course1447

Ann Albers

30 October, 2017Your Cohort is in the Wings1515

Brenda Hoffman

10 October, 2017Quantum Travel Through StarGates With Your Physical Body 1529

Lisa Transcendence Brown

17 October, 2017 October's Libra New Moon 1533

Lynda Hill

16 October, 2017You Crowned Yourself1589

Brenda Hoffman

2 October, 2017Ancestral Patterns and Love - Key to Understanding Divided World1660


16 October, 2017Can You Tell The Difference Between Your Old Earth Realities and Your NEW Earth Ones? 1686

Lisa Transcendence Brown

10 October, 2017We've Completed "The Plasma Corridor/Passageway" 1743

Lisa Transcendence Brown

1 October, 2017Seeking Peace From Within1753

Ronna Herman

9 October, 2017"Lock-In" Phases of Never Returning to the Old Anything Ever Again 1825

Lisa Transcendence Brown

1 October, 2017October 2017 Ascension Energies1854

Jamye Price

18 October, 2017Ascended Masters in Physical Form 1881

Kara Schallock

17 October, 2017New Moon Leap1947


15 October, 2017The Transition Experts ~ From the Scientist of the Heart2021


9 October, 2017When the World Puts You on Edge - Remedy for Overwhelm2050


9 October, 2017Etheric Plasma Crystalline LightBody Phases2111

Lisa Transcendence Brown

29 October, 2017November Quantum Cosmic Energy Report2149

Lisa Transcendence Brown

26 October, 2017November Ascension Energies 2017 - The Re-emergence2397

Jamye Price

1 October, 2017Monthly Astro-Forecasts October 20172439

Sarah-Jane Grace

7 October, 2017Emotions, Earth Changes, & Finding the Love2507

Ann Albers

27 October, 2017The Triple Gateway Initiation2701

Starchild Global

31 October, 2017Predictions 20182762

Oakbridge University

4 October, 2017Blue Ray Transformers: Time-Out to Prepare for Ground Zero3069

Shekina Rose / Blue Ray

1 October, 2017Manifesting Miracles - October 20173178

Emmanuel Dagher

1 October, 2017Energy Report - October 20173236

Spirit Pathways

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