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11 February, 2019Universal Love335

The Love Foundation

7 February, 2019Celebrating A Decade of Gratitude347

Hillis Pugh

18 February, 2019Love’s Vibration358

Goddess Light

17 February, 2019The Vibration of Forgiveness410

Goddess Light

17 February, 2019A Better Life443

Owen Waters

2 February, 2019A Spirituality Devoid of Faith458

Neale Donald Walsch

18 February, 2019The Value Of Love466

Oakbridge University

15 February, 2019Heavenletter #6592 Second Chances538


2 February, 2019Heavenletter #6582 Get Your Project Said and Done 546


13 February, 2019Heavenletter #6593 Friends Left by the Wayside558


19 February, 2019Real vs Imaginary in the Brain and Body590

David R. Hamilton PhD

9 February, 2019What's it like to be God?604

Ann Albers

4 February, 2019 Teaching 2,000 Years Ago609

Jim Self

22 February, 2019Never Suppress Anger 630

Neale Donald Walsch

16 February, 2019Living in the intersection between Heaven & Earth636

Ann Albers

9 February, 2019Heavenletter #6589 Be the Light652


1 February, 2019Living BEyond the Veils of Amnesia: Make Way for All New671

Lisa Transcendence Brown

16 February, 2019Wholeness: One and Many680

Jeshua Channelings

8 February, 2019A Startling New Idea About Death 717

Neale Donald Walsch

25 February, 2019Using the Rays to Create Health720

Jim Self

1 February, 2019A Happy Outcome is Assured743

Alan Cohen

18 February, 2019You Are Clairvoyant757

Jim Self

4 February, 2019An Opportunity For Profound Forgiveness789

Era of Peace

3 February, 2019Weekly Forecast: February 3 – 9, 2019793

Karmic Tools

4 February, 2019Invoking the Violet Flame of Forgiveness816

Era of Peace

2 February, 2019Love and the Flu835

Ann Albers

18 February, 2019Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - February 2019842

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

15 February, 2019The Five Natural Emotions 850

Neale Donald Walsch

24 February, 2019Inspiration for the Week - Being Grateful for Where You Are857

Shanta Gabriel

21 February, 2019Your Guide to Living Well864

Ailia Mira

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