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30 January, 2019Heavenletter #6579 Life Can Be Whatever It Is316


18 January, 2019The Journey to Awareness - Part III 347

Neale Donald Walsch

24 January, 2019Heavenletter #6573 Screenshots of Your Life370


14 January, 2019Moving Forward with Love427

The Love Foundation

7 January, 2019Heavenletter #6556 Are You Real or Surreal?453


11 January, 2019The Journey to Awareness - Part II 473

Neale Donald Walsch

20 January, 2019Transform Through the Super Blood Moon Eclipse475

Goddess Light

25 January, 2019Changing 'Discoveries' To 'Decisions' 494

Neale Donald Walsch

1 January, 2019Nothing New Under the Year 542

Alan Cohen

14 January, 2019Heavenletter #6563 Look Toward the Sun548


5 January, 2019Resolutions vs. Real Solutions553

Ann Albers

4 January, 2019Happy 2019 557

Neale Donald Walsch

23 January, 2019Nature’s Catch 22558

David R. Hamilton PhD

24 January, 2019Your life is a project!561

Sonia Barrett

1 January, 2019The Only True Power565


27 January, 2019Living Your Divinity - Living Your Magic591

Lisa Transcendence Brown

14 January, 2019Thoughts from your Hostess of Light - January 2019595

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

6 January, 20192019 Open to the Flow596

Goddess Light

16 January, 2019Bringing About Peace, Harmony and Unity602

Jim Self

22 January, 2019Heavenletter #6571 Timing! 635


15 January, 2019The Universe Wants to Play with You693

Ailia Mira

1 January, 2019It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, It's a New Life693

Spirit Pathways

5 January, 2019This Next New Year714

Oakbridge University

31 January, 2019Awaken to the Perfection that is You717

Ailia Mira

26 January, 2019The Eclipse and You786

Ann Albers

13 January, 2019Inspiration for the Week - Finding Love and Wisdom803

Shanta Gabriel

30 January, 2019Use Divine Truth to Embrace Joy833

Jennifer Hoffman

6 January, 2019Weekly Forecast: January 6 – 12, 2019839

Karmic Tools

12 January, 2019 A Visit from the Divine Feminine846

Ann Albers

5 January, 2019The Christed Matrix846

Jim Self

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