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17 December, 2011Progression toward the Rainbow Light of the Golden Dawn5513
6 December, 2011Are You Discouraged by Conflicting Guidance About Ascension?4165
27 November, 2011The Confidence of Innocence4122
23 November, 2011Orienting to the Eclipse Passageway – Entering 20127683
7 November, 2011The Doorways of Infinite Time - 11:11:117161
4 November, 201111:11:11 Approach Ignites the Passion of Divine Union5353
28 October, 2011You Were Made for This: An Ode to YOU!4322
24 October, 2011The Big Show Anticipates 11:11:117984
21 September, 2011Equinox Arc: Amplify the Utopian Dream5428
20 September, 2011Creativity Fuels The Momentum of Bliss 1631
17 September, 2011Emissaries to Earth: Bring Forth Your Light11246
12 September, 2011Resting Is Not Doing Nothing5267
7 September, 2011Nourishing Your Power3917
4 September, 2011Loosening Structures & Igniting Codes4820
24 August, 2011Discernment and Staying in Your Power4127
22 August, 2011I Pledge Allegiance To Me3196
22 August, 2011What is happening on the planet? Vast revision is underway9833
2 August, 2011August 2011 Energy Update - Getting a Second Wind, Grounding to Create Change4658
28 July, 2011Energy Update: Spaciousness and a Loss of Identity4801
24 July, 2011Orienting to the 5th World of Peace6249
24 July, 2011The 5th World Prophecy is Fulfilled8736
2 July, 2011The Gifts of Joy3255
30 June, 2011Discovering and Living as in-flow-mation2602
28 June, 2011July 2011 Energy Update: True Identity within Infinite Time7103
26 June, 2011Converging as Infinite Time4369
18 June, 2011The Solstice Energies5857
14 June, 2011Tips for Riding the Full Moon - Full Lunar Eclipse Energy7670
6 June, 2011Disclosure, Cosmic Connections and the 5th Dimensional Plane of Peace9237
2 June, 2011Focus Meets the Power of Limits and Standards3259
30 May, 2011Choosing Nonchalance5512