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29 December, 2012A Year of Authenticity 3183
22 December, 2012We Are The Lights In The World1517
15 December, 2012Endless Cycles of Time2383
8 December, 2012Miracles2288
1 December, 2012Free Will1960
24 November, 2012Gifts in All Things1763
17 November, 2012Cycles of Giving and Receiving2610
10 November, 2012We Can Always Bring Love To The Surface2257
3 November, 2012Allows Us To Help You 8031
27 October, 2012Perspectives323
20 October, 2012Die To Be Reborn1753
13 October, 2012Turn Away From The Dark3109
6 October, 2012Say Yes To What Is In Your Heart2809
29 September, 2012Acceptance vs. Agreement4730
22 September, 2012Light In The Dark1587
8 September, 2012No Need to Control a Thing2631
8 September, 2012Patterns6264
1 September, 2012Surrendering To What Is3755
25 August, 2012Peace amidst chaos...3579
18 August, 2012Nature Has No Problem Receiving Love...2338
11 August, 2012Rainbows...2510
4 August, 2012Be Where You're At...2206
28 July, 2012Love is ever present...1740
21 July, 2012No Worries2864
14 July, 2012Releasing Expectations...2595
7 July, 2012Letting Go...2932
30 June, 2012Nature Doesn't Worry About Rejection530
23 June, 2012Connection...2400
16 June, 2012Even The Thorny Souls Need Love...2749
9 June, 2012Going Deep Within2922