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8 June, 2013Love Exists Waiting To Surface2897
23 February, 2013Love Is The Mightiest Force of All2493
27 July, 2013Love Yourself Where You're At2518
17 August, 2013Nature Doesn't Do Guilt...3662
30 March, 2013New Life! Letting Go In Order To Grow 4284
28 September, 2013Now is All You Have2914
9 March, 2013Obedience to love...2523
9 November, 2013Open To The Best159
2 February, 2013Patience Begins With Yourself3163
10 August, 2013Realign Anytime3427
6 April, 2013Releasing Expectations2926
23 November, 2013Sunlight and Dust220
20 April, 2013The Universe Responds To Love 3559
15 June, 2013Treat Your Body Kindly3335
12 October, 2013True Giving1757
23 March, 2013Trust God Within 2837
7 September, 2013We Are Always Free to Choose!3319
6 July, 2013When Guided, Jump!4163
21 December, 2013You Are A Gift!2014
22 June, 2013You Want Love 2820
27 April, 2013Your Future Starts Now4772