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9 November, 2013Open To The Best159
19 October, 2013Believe and Receive163
16 November, 2013Life Is, You Interpret181
27 October, 2013Letting Go...195
2 November, 2013Each Moment is New215
23 November, 2013Sunlight and Dust220
7 December, 2013Look For Good1346
30 November, 2013Give Thanks For it All1351
12 October, 2013True Giving1757
19 January, 2013Give A Little Bit of Your Love1763
21 December, 2013You Are A Gift!2014
14 December, 2013Don't compare2049
16 March, 2013Free Will!2062
13 April, 2013God Loves You...2139
3 August, 2013A Natural Flow to Live2227
2 March, 2013Blossoms Amidst Thorns and Storms2229
9 February, 2013All Are Seeking Love2307
16 February, 2013Don't Keep Misery Company, Be the Light2429
18 May, 2013Add More You Into You Life2472
23 February, 2013Love Is The Mightiest Force of All2493
21 September, 2013Let Us Be Lights in the Darkness2498
27 July, 2013Love Yourself Where You're At2518
9 March, 2013Obedience to love...2523
29 June, 2013Don't Try to Fit Life...2543
5 October, 2013Choose God!2608
13 July, 2013Acknowledge Your Dreams2652
14 September, 2013Change is Natural2759
22 June, 2013You Want Love 2820
4 May, 2013All Exists Within2821
25 May, 2013Compassion Makes Us The Light of Inspiration2825