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19 April, 2014You Are Never Stuck 2420
20 December, 2014You Are Light In the Darkness2761
13 December, 2014You Are All Perfect As You Are!1848
7 June, 2014Wise Ones Within 3387
11 January, 2014Winter Believes in Spring...2218
20 September, 2014When You Have a Dream, Allow Yourself To Be Excited3143
29 November, 2014We Give Thanks For You Every Day 1036
22 March, 2014We Are Always With You 2619
12 July, 2014Water Your Dreams 2457
2 August, 2014True Security 2296
8 March, 2014There's Time For Everything That Matters726
12 April, 2014The Roses do not doubt their ability to Bloom2293
10 May, 2014The Greatest Power Is To Love 1921
18 January, 2014The Future is Inside You Now2236
27 September, 2014Success Is When You Enjoy The Journey2184
21 June, 2014Stop Struggling, Enjoy now 2552
23 August, 2014Sometimes The Storms Define Our Light2919
16 August, 2014Release The Dark To Free The Light 3944
15 March, 2014Release Expectations/Keep Intentions5475
4 January, 2014Perfection in The Moment2687
1 March, 2014Our Desires Guide us to Grow506
19 July, 2014No Wrong Turns 2970
15 February, 2014No Need to Compete587
22 November, 2014Never Without Love 1383
26 April, 2014Miracles Happen When You Trust 3402
8 November, 2014Love Is Your Greatest Success2718
1 November, 2014Love In Each Moment 2067
6 September, 2014Love a little, Affect a lot2000
6 December, 2014Live Authentically1842
1 February, 2014Lighting Up From The Inside Out2812