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28 December, 2015Create and Celebrate2788
21 December, 20152016: Introducing Your Universal Being3670
14 December, 2015From Nice to Large Creations1895
7 December, 2015It’s Your Graduation2496
1 December, 2015You’re the One2688
23 November, 2015Evolving From Success to Security1729
16 November, 2015You’re Redoing Your Fears With New Outcomes3399
9 November, 2015Where’s My Earth Dream?2192
2 November, 2015Glory in Your Expectation of Joy2010
26 October, 2015The Past is Past2303
19 October, 2015Remember You2202
12 October, 2015Where Are My Rewards?3252
5 October, 2015From Love to Creation Lessons1800
28 September, 2015Bubbles of Joy2889
21 September, 2015One Step at a Time3279
14 September, 2015Earth Angels3724
7 September, 2015Initiating Your Heaven on Earth2934
31 August, 2015Ascension and Fear2965
24 August, 2015Where Do You Rank?1642
16 August, 2015Stepping Out of Your Prison3404
10 August, 2015Applying Your New Skill Set2373
4 August, 2015Why You’re Feeling Lonely3364
28 July, 2015Moving into a Radical Shift4957
20 July, 2015Alien Spaceships – Global Reality?2769
13 July, 2015New You and Your Personal Experience Lab1797
6 July, 2015Who Do You Wish to Be?2233
29 June, 2015Do Observers Make You Feel Guilty?1610
22 June, 2015You’ve Always Been the Motivating CEO of You1523
15 June, 2015Entering a New Creation Stage3047
8 June, 2015Gloriously Bright Stars - Not Missionaries1594