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25 December, 2017Yes, You Can2378
18 December, 2017Go With the Flow1694
11 December, 2017Betwixt and Between1813
4 December, 2017Shouting Hooray!1455
26 November, 2017Forerunners Extraordinaire1679
20 November, 2017Creation Limbo1628
13 November, 2017The War is Over2030
6 November, 2017Dreaming or Your Reality?1603
30 October, 2017Your Cohort is in the Wings1515
23 October, 2017Chutes and Ladders1298
16 October, 2017You Crowned Yourself1589
10 October, 2017Inner and Outer Rewards1183
2 October, 2017Your Fears are Evolving Also1256
24 September, 2017Light Explosion1719
18 September, 2017Courage and Joy are Evolving1489
8 September, 2017With or Against Nature?1395
4 September, 2017New Powers or Ineffective Actions?1041
28 August, 2017Your New Inner-power Grid1896
21 August, 2017The 5D Basic2096
14 August, 2017Micro to Macro Dream Time1237
7 August, 2017From Emotional Upheaval to Discovery1315
31 July, 2017Fear Addiction1356
24 July, 2017Listen to You1690
17 July, 2017You’ve Catapulted Yourself1998
10 July, 2017You’re Your Creator1569
3 July, 2017Don’t Let the Boogeyman Get You1724
26 June, 2017Let it Be1372
19 June, 2017KNOW That Such is So1590
12 June, 2017Put on Your Big Girl or Boy Pants1690
4 June, 2017Your 3D Segments May Be Exploring1495