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2 January, 2017The Golden Rule Revisited1480
9 January, 2017Exposing Your Power2093
16 January, 2017Creating a New World Order1543
23 January, 2017Celebrate Your New Segments!1632
30 January, 2017Reviewing Your 5D Global Actions1706
6 February, 2017Are You Shoulding 5D You?1846
20 February, 2017Opening Your Pressure Cooker1904
27 February, 2017This is Our Earth Now!1818
6 March, 2017We’ve Graduated to Universal Adulthood1954
13 March, 2017Energy Burst Needs are Refined1474
20 March, 2017Rebellious You is Peeking Out1120
27 March, 2017Fear Mongers Lost the War1173
3 April, 2017Societal Joy is Not Valid1632
10 April, 2017Discovering Your Interest Areas1838
17 April, 2017The Spark is Lit1548
24 April, 2017Fear-Mongers Without Power1589
2 May, 2017Pushing the Easy Button1874
8 May, 2017Fearing Fear1228
15 May, 2017Shadow Fears1489
22 May, 2017No One and Nothing Is as It Was1835
29 May, 2017Click Your Heels Together1690
4 June, 2017Your 3D Segments May Be Exploring1495
12 June, 2017Put on Your Big Girl or Boy Pants1690
19 June, 2017KNOW That Such is So1586
26 June, 2017Let it Be1371
3 July, 2017Don’t Let the Boogeyman Get You1724
10 July, 2017You’re Your Creator1568
17 July, 2017You’ve Catapulted Yourself1998
24 July, 2017Listen to You1690
31 July, 2017Fear Addiction1356