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31 December, 2018New You Humor740
23 December, 2018Are You Compromising Joy?1283
17 December, 2018Rest1108
10 December, 2018Giggles Without Boundaries1124
3 December, 2018Odd Duckling or Beautiful Swan?1099
26 November, 2018Triumph!1431
18 November, 2018The Holidays and You1088
12 November, 2018Happy New Year!1413
5 November, 2018Innovation Prep Time815
29 October, 2018There is No Santa Claus1057
22 October, 2018Freedom!1427
15 October, 2018Accepting Your DNA1372
8 October, 2018Stop Your 3D Lessons2002
1 October, 2018Just You1552
17 September, 2018Adding Not Subtracting1287
10 September, 2018Popping Out to Create Anew1419
3 September, 2018Trying to Adjust With 3D Limitations906
27 August, 2018The New Kid on the New Block1183
20 August, 2018Evolution and Expansion1608
13 August, 2018Let Go!1278
5 August, 2018Should You Go or Should You Stay?1975
30 July, 2018Flitting Between Relationships1443
23 July, 2018Decide1681
16 July, 2018You’re a Beacon, Not a Leader1626
9 July, 2018Naysayers Everywhere1466
1 July, 2018Sculpting New You1098
25 June, 2018Are You Feeding Fear?1231
18 June, 2018Creating a New Star Path1465
11 June, 2018Do You Dare?1392
4 June, 2018Bending Time to Rest1464