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31 December, 2018New You Humor753
5 November, 2018Innovation Prep Time818
3 September, 2018Trying to Adjust With 3D Limitations907
29 October, 2018There is No Santa Claus1060
18 November, 2018The Holidays and You1089
3 December, 2018Odd Duckling or Beautiful Swan?1101
1 July, 2018Sculpting New You1102
17 December, 2018Rest1110
10 December, 2018Giggles Without Boundaries1130
5 March, 2018Adjusting to Your Future You Segments1161
27 August, 2018The New Kid on the New Block1184
12 February, 2018Relish Differences1202
9 March, 2018You’re the Fire1221
29 January, 2018Soaring Between Heaven and Earth1228
1 January, 2018Jump in, the Water is Delightful1242
25 June, 2018Are You Feeding Fear?1249
28 May, 2018Why Hoard it or Give it Away?1285
13 August, 2018Let Go!1286
23 December, 2018Are You Compromising Joy?1292
17 September, 2018Adding Not Subtracting1292
7 May, 2018Joy Role Model1302
19 February, 2018Angry, Fearful, Petulant? All is Well.1359
15 October, 2018Accepting Your DNA1381
11 June, 2018Do You Dare?1397
12 November, 2018Happy New Year!1414
10 September, 2018Popping Out to Create Anew1424
2 April, 2018You Have the Power1426
22 October, 2018Freedom!1438
26 November, 2018Triumph!1444
30 July, 2018Flitting Between Relationships1455