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6 January, 2013 A New Year, New Energies, New Beginning2651
17 February, 2013Activating Your DNA3174
19 May, 2013Adjusting Your DNA & the Wesak3721
7 April, 2013Becoming Your Divinity2125
20 October, 2013Blending Your Divinity with Your Ego2962
5 May, 2013Cellular Integration with St. Germain9404
3 March, 2013Choosing Your Vibration3034
21 April, 2013Embrace Compassion & Messages from the ET's4050
4 August, 2013Grounding Your Crystalline Energies4542
18 August, 2013Integrating Your Crystalline Potentials7728
6 October, 2013Merge As One Within You2371
20 January, 2013Merge with the Big Dipper2158
1 December, 2013Merging Love Within Your Life2785
17 March, 2013New Level Communication2421
21 July, 2013Open To Your Crystalline Hologram4048
3 November, 2013Patterns of Life2313
2 June, 2013Physical Transformation Through St.Germain4866
3 February, 2013Pure, Unconditional Love!2757
15 September, 2013Re-Alignment Through Your I AM Presence3237
1 September, 2013Releasing Distractions and Transforming DNA4700
7 July, 2013The Choices You Make3438
17 November, 2013There Is Only Love1975
15 December, 2013You Are a Beacon of Light7458