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10 November, 201211/11 Gateway614
9 December, 201212-12-12 Gateway13240
3 January, 2012Ascension Notes: January 3, 2012451
7 April, 2012Assimilating Light Encodings, Continual Release & Taking A Step into the New 503
13 August, 2012August Intensity, Lion's Gate & Dissolving Collective Consciousness527
29 August, 2012Beginning a New Phase, Bringing the Spiritual into the Practical, Full Moon and More726
19 April, 2012Challenges and Opportunities: Perceptions375
1 February, 2012Commitment, Choice and Soul520
16 July, 2012Cosmic Rollercoaster, Ka, New Moon & Guides and Angels361
6 October, 2012Deepening the Foundation for Ascension566
17 May, 2012Eclipses and Venus Retrograde...Power On!347
13 February, 2012Expanding Past Our Status Quo440
3 July, 2012Full Moon Transformational Energies; A Further Step into the New591
30 December, 2012Infinite Ascending 3034
24 November, 2012Lunar Eclipse & the Intense Energies As We Step into December 1023
18 March, 2012Manifesting Your Heart's Desire(s)505
28 February, 2012Old Beliefs - New Perceptions448
1 June, 2012Preparing for the Eclipse and Venus Transit555
30 October, 2012Purpose of The Full Moon, Relationships & Letting Go of Control1129
13 September, 2012Shifting & Breakthrough: All in Divine Order966
21 December, 2012The 13th Gateway: December 21, 20124033
21 September, 2012The Autumnal Equinox/Portal385
30 July, 2012The Continual Shifts of Ascension503
19 June, 2012The Energies of the Solstice and New Moon567
18 January, 2012The Latest Ascension Notes437
30 April, 2012The Power of Solar Flares and New Energies for our Ascension481
15 October, 2012Upgrades, Angelic Connection, New Moon & Pure Potentiality616
3 June, 2012Venus Transit/Lunar Eclipse/Divine Feminine561