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17 May, 2012Eclipses and Venus Retrograde...Power On!347
16 July, 2012Cosmic Rollercoaster, Ka, New Moon & Guides and Angels361
19 April, 2012Challenges and Opportunities: Perceptions375
21 September, 2012The Autumnal Equinox/Portal385
18 January, 2012The Latest Ascension Notes437
13 February, 2012Expanding Past Our Status Quo440
28 February, 2012Old Beliefs - New Perceptions448
3 January, 2012Ascension Notes: January 3, 2012451
30 April, 2012The Power of Solar Flares and New Energies for our Ascension481
7 April, 2012Assimilating Light Encodings, Continual Release & Taking A Step into the New 503
30 July, 2012The Continual Shifts of Ascension503
18 March, 2012Manifesting Your Heart's Desire(s)505
1 February, 2012Commitment, Choice and Soul520
13 August, 2012August Intensity, Lion's Gate & Dissolving Collective Consciousness527
1 June, 2012Preparing for the Eclipse and Venus Transit555
3 June, 2012Venus Transit/Lunar Eclipse/Divine Feminine561
6 October, 2012Deepening the Foundation for Ascension566
19 June, 2012The Energies of the Solstice and New Moon567
3 July, 2012Full Moon Transformational Energies; A Further Step into the New591
10 November, 201211/11 Gateway614
15 October, 2012Upgrades, Angelic Connection, New Moon & Pure Potentiality616
29 August, 2012Beginning a New Phase, Bringing the Spiritual into the Practical, Full Moon and More726
13 September, 2012Shifting & Breakthrough: All in Divine Order966
24 November, 2012Lunar Eclipse & the Intense Energies As We Step into December 1023
30 October, 2012Purpose of The Full Moon, Relationships & Letting Go of Control1129
30 December, 2012Infinite Ascending 3034
21 December, 2012The 13th Gateway: December 21, 20124033
9 December, 201212-12-12 Gateway13240