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30 June, 2020Be Deeply Present444
29 June, 2020A Time of Power and Change486
26 June, 2020Your Soul's Adventure559
26 June, 2020Our Collective Awakening1294
25 June, 2020Overcoming Fears570
24 June, 2020Freedom From Karmic Constraints818
23 June, 2020Deeper Understandings477
22 June, 2020Breakthrough Into a New Cycle539
19 June, 2020Sunday's Solstice New Moon Solar Eclipse1009
18 June, 2020Mercury Retrograde612
17 June, 2020Magic Is Afoot760
16 June, 2020Fresh Eyes542
15 June, 2020Prepare for Transformation1034
12 June, 2020Recognise Opportunity626
11 June, 2020Purging & Purification873
10 June, 2020Interlude of Chaos719
9 June, 2020Weaving a New Reality553
8 June, 2020Healing & Releasing the Past486
5 June, 2020Lunar Eclipse720
4 June, 2020Light at the End of the Tunnel871
3 June, 2020Bring More Light Into the World594
2 June, 2020Restoring Balance493
1 June, 2020Change Is Certain483