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Lisa Transcendence Brown Message Archive

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8 July, 2017We've Entered a New Passageway2162
5 July, 2017Releasing the Veils of Ignorance: It's About to Get More Interesting for All2626
2 July, 2017Cultivating Your NEW Earth Relationships1326
20 June, 2017Solstice Passageway Conclusion1421
15 June, 2017The "Collective Division" 1434
13 June, 2017You Are Here to Live and Experience EVERY DREAM1466
11 June, 2017Current Powerful Gateway Initiations & Passageways2070
7 June, 2017You are ON a Multi-Dimensional Earth NOW... 2081
6 May, 2017May 2017 Quantum Energy Report: Simplify Your Life 2449
29 March, 2017Your Journey Back from Amnesia 1741
17 March, 2017Do You See An Ascended Humanity or a Broken One?1338
13 March, 2017It's Time To Go Super Quantum1550
13 February, 2017Shifting Your Focus To Activate Alternate Realities1788
13 February, 2017Intentionally Opening & Closing Portals 1689
10 February, 2017Fully Soul-Aligned Realities: Spirit(ual) Maturation 1282
29 January, 2017Expansion of Consciousness Changes Physical Body Density 2129
24 January, 2017Implementing the Galactic Schematics for Higher Evolution Existence1797
22 January, 2017 Your Higher-Self Will-Power Must BE Stronger Than Your Human's 1254
22 January, 2017Transcending Human Fear, Survival and Non-Belief Illusory Programs1577
20 January, 2017 Are you BEing your Ascended Aspect You? All of the Time?1909
17 January, 2017 2017 Energy Report (Part 3): Evolution of Your Plasma Crystalline 1508
13 January, 2017Human Aligned vs. Soul Aligned 1253
1 January, 20172017 Energy Report (Part 2): Continual Convergence704