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3 May, 2018Your Fractaled Realities Represent Your Fractaled Aspects1072
21 June, 2018As More BEcomes Visible, What DO you DO?1108
6 September, 2018Actualizing Your Dreams AS REALity through Your LightBody 1115
7 April, 2018Cosmic Photonic Multi-Dimensional Energy Update1116
22 October, 2018October's Re-Structuring Processes: Non-Stop DNA/Template Re-Coding1117
4 November, 2018Divine Sacred Soul Union1128
25 February, 2018Supporting Your Multi-Dimensional Body 1131
3 August, 20189th Dimensional NEW Earth Ready to Experience1140
29 April, 2018 We've Been Deeeeeeeeep Within The Gridwork....1164
5 November, 2018Telepathy Replaces Spoken Word Communication1165
5 October, 2018 New Earthers1171
17 October, 2018 "New" Access to Our "NEW" COSMIC Sun1195
12 April, 2018Your Light Body Is Completely Re-Coding Itself1203
24 April, 2018Acclimating to Cosmic Energies and Reality/Timeline Shifts1218
2 January, 2018My Personal Journey: "Re-entering" other dimensions 1219
30 June, 2018Our Photonic Light Bodies Continue to Evolve1220
6 December, 2018 12D Harmonic Re-Alignment Processes Accelerate: Pay Attention (Observe) 1222
10 February, 2018Living DNA Awakens to Change the Body that's perceived as "Sick"1225
19 March, 2018Equinox Passageway1229
27 August, 2018Your Light is Your New Currency1260
18 May, 2018Your Purpose is to Embrace Your Own Soul & BE PURE LIGHT1260
8 March, 2018Gateways are Wide Open Again: Accelerated DNA Re-Codings1264
22 September, 2018Powerful Equinox Gateway Openings: Powerful Upgrades Continue... 1279
8 June, 2018YOU can DO this, because WE already did...1286
23 September, 2018 Old Earth is NOT REALity Anymore... 1287
17 May, 2018 From Human Body to LightBody1298
7 August, 2018Accelerating Timelines for Multi-Dimensional Consciousness1301
13 July, 2018 Consciously Clearing Programming From Your Physical Body1302
1 June, 2018 Are you Truly READY for YOUR entire Matrix Reality to Quantum Shift?1322
2 November, 2018 November Energy Is Going To Continue To Build1328