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27 September, 2018 Living Your NEW Earth Lives with Pure Exuberance & JOY 632
20 September, 2018Embracing the Magnificence of Your NEW Earth REALities687
3 December, 2018 "Magic" is just ONE Natural Part of Our Multi-Dimensional Experience Here 696
16 September, 2018 Transforming Guilt Into Gratitude & Gifts 774
24 April, 2018 Anchoring the Higher Dimensional Realms812
19 November, 2018 Higher Consciousness is NEW Real-izations812
31 August, 2018Cosmic LightBody Upgrades & Multi-Dimensional Existence814
11 September, 2018 September Multi-Dimensional Energy Report824
10 April, 2018Love As Your New Reality. YOU Are The Proof828
22 June, 2018 Quantum Shifting: As NEW Earth REALities Replace the Old 831
2 July, 2018Unraveling & Untangling Your Mind From Inside836
26 August, 2018Collectives Emerge from the "Deep Slumber" and Amnesia875
26 November, 2018December's Multi-Dimensional Energies891
20 December, 2018Surreal... Pure Peace... Pure Inner-Freedom....893
2 September, 2018 September Multi-Dimensional Energy Forecast/Report 894
16 December, 201812D Template Update (+ the 2 New Quantum Light Body DNA Activations)915
9 December, 2018Gateways are Open: 12D Template Update - Part 1921
2 July, 2018It's "Time" to DREAM Those Highest Vibrational Realities958
19 March, 2018 This Equinox Floods Every Cellular Organism with Divine Love971
3 August, 2018An Update on Gateways & 9th Dimensional NEW Earth973
10 October, 2018Communicating with Your Advanced Cosmic DNA982
1 November, 2018Universal/Cosmic Balance is BEing Re-Stored Through YOU1004
1 April, 2018Cosmic Influxes Flooding Through All1005
11 December, 2018A Flood of Higher Consciousness Codes: 12D Template Update - Part 21022
23 December, 2018Functioning From The Depth Of The Core Of Your Divine Sacred Soul Being1024
6 August, 2018Mind Re-Association: An Early Part of Higher Mind Consciousness1025
18 December, 2018 Your DNA is Evolving/Changing, Your Genetics, Your Entire Physical Make-Up1036
30 May, 2018You Forgot You Are Connected - It's Time To Wake Up to Remember...1038
6 April, 2018 The Next Blast of SOULar Cosmic Rays1047
23 July, 2018 Constant Increases in Photonic Activity1052