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12 October, 201912D Source Code Atomic LightBody: All New Ways for Support696
9 October, 2019Pure Love Floods, Gushes Through Stargates and Gridding Systems 884
23 September, 2019 Equinox Blessings1084
18 August, 2019 Cosmic Harmonics: Ultra-High Frequency Photonic Symphonics948
8 August, 2019 Sacred Earth Keepers: An Activation of the Sacred Rose & Sacred Sword of Nobility893
4 August, 2019 Multi-Dimensional Energy Focus: Self Care is Sacred702
2 August, 2019Understanding Consciousness and Dna in a "Whole New Way"823
29 July, 2019 Multi-Dimensional Energy Update: Humanity's Humanity, Collective Shifts831
17 July, 2019Spontaneous Consciousness Expansion1181
16 July, 201912D Update: 144 Divine Sacred Quantum Multi-Dimensional Templates 933
13 July, 2019When Less is More... Everything is Simple...738
19 June, 2019Powerful Solstice Gateways Underway - June 2019 Mid-Month Update1259
10 June, 2019 When Purity, Beauty and Simplicity Touch Your Heart SO Deeply...553
5 June, 2019 With Your LightBody, You have to Choose where to "put" Your Energy...937
4 June, 2019Did You Know that Your Every Thought and Act are Vibrationally "Recorded"?1336
30 April, 2019 New Earth Re-Incarnation: Rebirthing Through Your Current Physical Body Form1112
10 April, 2019 The Fall of Unconsciousness and the Rising/Returning to Full Consciousness1129
2 April, 2019 3D/4D: Massive Purification Processes - 5D+: New Callings/Assignments1308
26 March, 2019Template Building For "New" Realities Continues798
11 March, 2019Cosmic Energy Update: Mass Exodus & Changing Dimensions1590
5 March, 2019 Today I Mourn... (but not really)889
28 February, 2019 March Quantum Energy Report/Update 1041
10 February, 2019 Cosmic Weather Update: Complete Turmoil and Chaos coming for 3D/4D1794
5 February, 2019 Breaking Away... Living Your New - Fully... 1143
1 February, 2019Living BEyond the Veils of Amnesia: Make Way for All New668
27 January, 2019Living Your Divinity - Living Your Magic588
21 January, 2019Multi-Dimensional Existences: Do You Actually Fully Comprehend?895
14 January, 2019 What Exciting Energies WE've Moved Into! Energy Update1229