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29 December, 2013Fine Feathers Or Ruffled: January's Capricorn New Moon 4514
14 December, 2013Freezing Or Frying... Heading Into New Territory Yet Again: December's Gemini Full Moon4811
30 November, 2013Finding Your Center and Rising To The Occasion: December's Sagittarius New Moon2892
13 November, 2013Getting The Message Straight And Clear: November's Taurus Full Moon6789
31 October, 2013Belle Of The Ball Or Sidelined Cinderella: November's Solar Hybrid Eclipse3887
16 October, 2013The Sound Of One Hand Clapping While Juggling: October's Penumbral Lunar Eclipse3210
4 October, 2013Emerging From The Dark: October's Libra New Moon4434
1 September, 2013Family Trees, The Seeds Of Humanity And Gaining Ground: September's Virgo New Moon4612
16 August, 2013Emergence Into Self, Life And Love: August's Aquarius Full Moon3743
3 August, 2013Life Is A Cabaret Old Chum, Come To The Cabaret: August's Leo New Moon2516
17 July, 2013Aligning With Self And Others: July's Aquarian Full Moon3246
4 July, 2013Planting The Seeds Of Knowledge and Life: The Cancer New Moon3154
23 June, 2013Manifesting And Embodying Our True Selves: June's Capricorn Full Moon7230
25 May, 2013Keeping One's Counsel Versus Letting It all Out: May's Partial Lunar Eclipse3973
7 May, 2013Managing The Pace And Grounding The Vision: May's Solar Eclipse in Taurus4052
8 April, 2013Stepping Up To The Plate & Stepping Through The Gate: April's Aries New Moon4375
25 March, 2013Straight Navigating: March's Libran Full Moon 5189
11 March, 2013Shifting Paradigms: Proclamations, Appropriations and Protestations - March's Pisces New Moon3929
25 February, 2013The Steps Of The Dance: February's Virgo Full Moon2967
9 February, 2013Refuges, Realizations and Resurrections: February's Aquarian New Moon2318
26 January, 2013Resolutions, Revolutions and Rewards: January's Leo Full Moon3577
11 January, 2013Getting Organized And Getting Our Act Together: January's Capricorn New Moon3326