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17 December, 2010A Most Wondrous Time For The Growth Of Humanity2569
26 November, 2010Forgiveness, Impeccability And A Meditation Of Love, Of Joy, Of Oneness4565
9 November, 2010A Meditation: The Oneness Of All Creation5055
20 October, 2010The Embodiment Of A Planet…Your City Of Shambhala4386
18 October, 2010The Wisdom Of The Cosmos Is Within You3048
10 October, 2010Arch. Michael and Sananda Message for the 10-10-106405
7 October, 2010The Evolution Of Earth And Humanity2894
28 September, 2010You Are The Cosmic Heartbeat Of God2942
19 September, 2010When We Feel “Stuck”5756
16 September, 2010Rewriting Your Past, Present, And Future 5119
5 September, 2010More On Relationships4322
31 August, 2010The Way Of One Who Achieves Greatness4154
23 August, 2010Relationships4045
18 August, 2010Flower Of Life Meditation9283
5 August, 2010Wisdom From The Ascended Masters - A Dialog Via The Akashic Records6177
29 July, 2010You Are Limitless, Access The Wisdom Of The Cosmos3994
29 July, 2010Each Moment Is A Moment Of God2852
23 July, 2010Getting To Know Your Solar Logos, A Dialog4908
16 July, 2010Love Is The Answer3492
11 July, 2010Ascension Seats, A Gift To Raise Your Consciousness57180
29 June, 2010Claim Your Personal Power And Be The Love Of Your Sacred Heart4601
16 June, 2010Divine Timing And Claiming Your Personal Power5160
31 May, 2010Balance Your Subconscious, Conscious, And Superconscious Minds9348
14 May, 2010Your Cosmic Journey3245
26 April, 2010Stand In Your Courage And Strength2695
15 April, 2010Love In The Now Moment3115
30 March, 2010Truth, Integrity, And The Twelve Rays7201
21 March, 2010Expand The Love Of Your Sacred Heart To Unity Consciousness3246
2 March, 2010“I Am God” Unity Consciousness25219
15 February, 2010The Flow Of The River Of Life2918