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27 December, 2013Happy New Beginnings! 4830
20 December, 2013A New Christmas Story! 2209
13 December, 2013A Savior is Born - Again!2229
6 December, 2013A New Christmas Story?2709
22 November, 2013What Are You Thankful For Next Year?2153
15 November, 2013Can We Save Us From Ourselves?400
8 November, 2013No Such Thing as Right and Wrong?637
1 November, 2013Where Does Time Go?302
25 October, 2013Why is Life a Mess?621
18 October, 2013Meditation on the 'Go'457
11 October, 2013Why Are We Here?399
4 October, 2013Happiness and Love592
27 September, 2013Why is This Happening?208
20 September, 2013Love or Fear?1618
30 August, 2013Why Do We Suffer?369
23 August, 2013How Does Divinity Manifest Itself?523
16 August, 2013Do You Know Who You Truly Are?254
9 August, 2013The Chief Problem Facing Humanity Today176
2 August, 2013The Time Has Come!217
26 July, 2013Spiritual Amnesia?301
12 July, 2013The Naked Truth320
28 June, 2013It’s Not Easy to Be Honest285
21 June, 2013Returning to Original Wholeness216
14 June, 2013Unfracturing the Self186
7 June, 2013Are Holy Scriptures Infallible?374
31 May, 2013At Least Once in Your Life253
24 May, 2013Secret of Happy Relationships3709
17 May, 2013Vulnerable, Close, and Naked370
10 May, 2013Do You Have Discipline?399
3 May, 2013Who Are You Serving Today?253