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4 December, 2015Questions We Must Answer To Create Peace1467
28 November, 2015Is There To Be No Respite? ?Is This The "New Normal"?2459
21 November, 2015With the World in Turmoil, How Can We Respond?1513
14 November, 2015Stepping Out of Your Story1947
6 November, 2015Life Is Energy1818
30 October, 2015What Is The New Spirituality?1629
17 October, 2015Let’s Talk About Resistance2038
14 August, 2015The System Called ‘Life’1593
11 July, 2015For Once I Was Blind...1279
26 June, 2015Will Charleston Wake us up?1369
13 June, 2015Why Don't We Take Care of Ourselves?2571
29 May, 2015 Does God Want Us To Have Pain?1181
22 May, 2015Why Do We Hurt Each Other?2957
15 May, 2015Hope, Believe, Know 1546
1 May, 2015The ABC's of Conversations With God! 1345
24 April, 2015Love and Fear - The Circle of Life1962
17 April, 2015Does God Care about us? 2508
10 April, 2015What's with All The Communication? 1263
3 April, 2015Hearing 'Voices'?1893
27 March, 2015The Tool of Tools1546
20 March, 2015What if, we could...1288
13 March, 2015How do we speak “as God”? 1437
27 February, 2015How About ‘Whole-istic’ Living? 1722
20 February, 2015Awareness, Honesty, Responsibility 1894
13 February, 2015What Love Is, and What It’s Not3028
6 February, 2015The Wonder of Your Soul2287
30 January, 2015What is Your Purpose? 3119
23 January, 2015Is God on our side?1754
17 January, 2015What is Enlightenment?2562
9 January, 2015A New Year…. Again 1736