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14 October, 2020The Journey Inward912
10 October, 2020Feel Carried by the Wind of Life1010
3 September, 2020Giving from your Essence958
2 September, 2020The Earthly Ego1089
6 August, 2020Sharing the New Earth with Others1237
3 August, 2020The Case for Being Human1109
5 July, 2020The Connecting Element1216
5 July, 2020The Mother and Father Energies1005
8 June, 2020In This Time Things are Different1353
6 June, 2020Baggage1266
11 May, 2020The Love of the Earth1004
11 May, 2020Loneliness, a Necessary Part of Your Path1429
31 March, 2020Heart-based Land1099
29 March, 2020The Current Crisis1293
18 March, 2020Your Animal Nature1042
13 March, 2020The Mother Guide1498
12 February, 2020Take a Look at Yourself999
12 February, 2020Your Soul’s Plan1584
8 January, 2020You are Becoming a Teacher1373
6 January, 2020Make Room for Angels1200