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29 December, 2010Resolution for 2011 – Remember to Honor DIVINE TIMING4872
23 December, 2010A Christmas Meditation from Shanta Gabriel2928
20 December, 2010Receiving the Gifts of this Holy Season2385
6 December, 2010Receiving the 12:12 Activation7396
24 November, 2010During This Intense, Bumpy Time, Remember: Call in Support from the Archangels!5240
30 October, 2010Releasing the Weightiness of your Physical World3307
12 October, 2010Your Core of Love2673
26 September, 2010It’s Safe to Let Your Light Shine!3719
12 September, 2010The Blessings of Creative Chaos3811
16 August, 2010The Eye of your Personal Hurricane3379
2 August, 2010The Exponential Power of your Choices2931
15 July, 2010Living in Oneness2486
14 July, 2010Gabriel’s Message to X-Radio Listeners 7/14/103326
24 June, 2010The Angel of Freedom Awaits your Invitation3710
19 June, 2010Summer Solstice Message6525
6 June, 2010Flowing Energy toward your Optimum Future2760
23 May, 2010Beacon of Light3190
14 May, 2010Meditation for Taurus New Moon2558
8 May, 2010Sacred Union2771
27 April, 2010A Daily Practice of Devotion2309
14 April, 2010The Light of Transmutation3280
12 April, 2010My Initiation with the Archangels4836
30 March, 2010The Power of a Sacred Space2419
17 March, 2010Equinox Message from Archangel Gabriel10320
11 March, 2010The Presence of Archangels4111
25 February, 2010The Significance of Life4260
19 February, 2010Empowering your Soul’s Purpose2929
16 February, 2010The Law of Creative Solutions3671
7 February, 2010Receiving Light 4528
27 January, 2010Trust as a Divine Attribute2837