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31 December, 2016Experiencing Unconditional Love837
21 December, 2016Celebrating You!1236
14 December, 2016December Solstice & the Emerging Potentials2485
30 November, 2016A Mindset Shift to Liberate Your Innate Freedom1663
21 November, 2016Focus on the Light Within You1812
9 November, 2016Navigating Life in Clarity1884
2 November, 2016Hope, Liberation & the Rise of the Creator Gods1311
26 October, 2016We're Shifting Because of What You're Becoming! 2758
5 October, 2016New Spectrums of Your Wholeness1166
28 September, 2016New Realities Open: Passion Returns2505
14 September, 2016Human Emotions & the September 16 Lunar Eclipse2644
31 August, 2016Divine Expression. Start Now.1715
21 July, 2016The Promise of Ascension2564
15 July, 2016Reassurance in Difficult Times1704
17 June, 2016The Great Invitation1457
1 May, 2016The Way is Open2478
23 April, 2016Unfolding the Pure Line of Spirit1454
20 April, 2016It Is Up to You2107