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Carrie Hart

Quado > Pinstripes over your gypsy soul

Your family and your society have laid out a wardrobe for you, clothing for the ways they think it acceptable that you be and act.  There are outfits for work, outfits for your role in your parental family and the family you have created yourself, outfits for you to wear to church, outfits for the art class and dance studio.  Some of these are very restricting and make you feel very constrained.  And none of them allow you to be all of the things you are.  For you are a great and joyous gypsy soul, bursting with colorful and bright talents and skills, creative ideas sparkling out all over you, deeply held beliefs shining within, fun explorations wrapped like bright scarves around you.  You are so many things, there is no way that a wardrobe created by society, even by truly wonderful and creative parts of society, is likely to fit exactly who you are.
Yael and Doug Powell
What I want you to feel, each of you, beloved ones, is what is true about life, for once you understand what is true about life – which means, what is true about Me, about Love – then everything falls into place and you are free. You are free from the dream of the ego mind, but most of all free to be ecstasy and to experience every living Now Moment as the glory of Making Love, for that is the living truth. Every moment in the Real is ever, always and only the great and glorious LoveMaking, and as you become aware of this, and join the holy union, then the tremoring ecstasy, the pulsing of life comes to be experienced through you in every Now Moment.
Carrie Hart

Quado > There is a star that shines for you

There is a star in the night sky and it shines for you.  It shines down upon that mountain top across the meadow.  It shines and shows you the way. Ah, but why do you not always see it?  Because it can only be seen in certain light and at certain times.  And the rest of the time, as is true with any star, it is there, but cannot be seen.  It is there, shining and showing you the way, but you must simply feel its presence.  And every now and then, the conditions are exactly right and the path is laid out before you, shining in the silvery light of your guiding star, and you can walk it easily and in joy. But even when this is not so, even when you are walking a long dusty, crowded road, even when you are lost in a dense forest, even when you are blindly stumbling in the fog, even then, the star is there within you, a part of your body, giving you direction and showing you the way.
Neale Donald Walsch
There is a tendency to dismiss the experience of Self-Awareness if it is not both immediate and eternal.   In actual practice it is most often neither.   One rarely finds one's way to Self-Awareness with the first step on the journey (this is not impossible, mind you, but it is rare), and one rarely remains in this place the first time one arrives there.   One wants to , but one rarely does.   So much is calling us back.   So much is pulling us, tugging at us, drawing us back into the Life That We Have Led, and at times that seems like what is "real," and the life of an Enlightened One, the life of an Enlarged Being, seems very "UNreal"...and can even seem unwanted. To live the life of an Enlarged Being, so many of the short-term pleasures that can lead to long-term damage to ourselves and others have to be by-passed, set aside, avoided, skipped, that we can begin to wonder, what is the point of it all?
Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Peace Be With You

Peace be with you dear ones. Peace be in your hearts. Peace be in your lives. Peace be in your homes, and among your families. Peace, dear ones, starts with accepting yourself as you are. Peace spirals out in your life by accepting others as they are. Peace expands by accepting the circumstances in which you find yourselves, and then praying for the changes you seek. Peace come from trusting that God hears your prayers and will answer them in right time.

Celia Fenn
This article is also taken from an individual channel that was given by Archangel Michael for a client. The information was so relevant to where we are now that Michael asked me to make it available to all the Starchild Community. The client was happy to give his permission. The question that was asked was where the person was on his own spiritual journey and how long it would take him to work through whatever "blocks" still remained. Since many people ask this question - here is the answer given by Michael:
Karen Bishop
Greetings!     A brief note: For those outside of the USA , there are now some options for ordering What's Up On Planet Earth? books that will eliminate the high shipping costs. Please go to the books pages on the left sidebar and select a book. At the bottom of the page under ordering information, click on International Orders . Hope this helps!
Carrie Hart
Whether or not you feel it or know it, whether or not you believe, it, you are surrounded by help and guidance, embraced by love and warmth, at all times.  All of it is there for you and you can connect with it consciously whenever you wish.  Just take a deep breath and allow yourself to feel the love that is yours. You are a treasure and recognized as such.  You are completely unique in all the universe.  Your gifts are unique, your presence, all that you are is unique and is calibrated to be the exact note that is required to make the chord complete.  You are what completes this moment, just as you are.  So sing out and let us hear you.  Shine out and let us see you.  The universe awaits the beauty of your song, embraces the beauty of your song, even if it is at time sung haltingly, even if there are periods of long silence.  No matter what, you are deeply loved and deeply treasured.
Carrie Hart
Your future is a lively combination of several elements.  It is affected by the actions you take right now in this moment.  It is also affected by your emotional state in this moment, partially because a calm and truthful center will tend to make much wiser choices than a fearful and over-reactive one, but also because the beauties of life are drawn to a peaceful garden, a place where love flows through in a gentle unending stream, a place were the birds sing out with joy, simply because another day is dawning, a place where flowers bloom in their own individual colors, each proud to be just who they are, whether daisy or rose.  When your mind is in this garden, you attract a future which wants to abide there.
Shelly Dressel

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I am the One; I am the Whole.


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