Messages & Channelings

Greetings & Salutations My Beautiful Beings of Light. Thank you for inviting this Messenger to share the vision for 2006.

Greeting & Gracious Abundance to you My Beautiful Beings of Light. This moment in NOW awaits you as you all gather to read this month’s message.

My Beloveds there are all kinds of alignments that are coming to fruition. There is much buzz about this timeline and what it signifies.  The truth of the matter My Beautiful Beings of Grace, you asked to be here. You stood in line to volunteer to come. In your volunteering you asked to witness all that is transpiring not just specific dates and time lines. You even  glimpsed, before accepting this incarnation assignment,  the agenda and saw partial pictures of what is to be before ever materializing into this physical form.

Much of your work My Beautiful Beings of Grace is done while you are sleeping. Many are receiving data packet downloads of keys and codes that will be opened in the future. Most of this download data is transferred to you during your sleep state. Perhaps you might be vaguely aware of these downloads but normally they do not disrupt your sleep.

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