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Quado > You are Born Anew

Today would be such an excellent day for cleaning out the cobwebs of your mind, all of those old thoughts and opinions hiding in the corners that need to be brought out into the light of day and exposed for what they are:  stale, dusty, and no longer of use.

Quado > Balancing Excitement and Peace

There is a balance to be struck between your yearnings toward spiritual enlightenment and peace and your desire to be vibrantly connected to this life.  For one of the fun parts of this lifetime is excitement, hope, expectation, and yet you know that this is the cause of disappointment and frustration.  And yet the avoidance of expectation can seem flat, without that extra zip of hope, the heart beating faster, the rush of possibility. If you want to keep this adrenalin rush, yet avoid falling too far when the drug is withdrawn and you crash out of your daydreams, there are several things that you can do.

Quado > The Ancient Whale Says: You Matter

This morning we have a message from a power animal that I know well.  I first met him years ago when I was doing power animal retrievals, then again more recently in my Power Animal Adventures.  He is an enormous sperm whale known as The Ancient One; it is always so wonderful to hear from him.  And is now our way, Quado has added a few words at the end of his message.

Carrie Hart > A World with No Past

I had the most interesting experience yesterday, while I was in the shower. I was suddenly transported to a world where there was no past.  Literally. There was no past. It was very clear to me that what I have always thought of as the past was just a story that my mind had made up.

Quado > Welcome the Angel of Renewal

The new year begins soon.  Allow it to be a symbol of renewal for you.  Do this by entering now a cleansing period in which you will methodically and consciously cleanse yourself of all accumulated emotional residue that you do not wish to take with you into the coming year. To help you with this task, I present to you the angel of renewal.  Bright and loving, golden and glowing, she hovers before you now, holding a golden net, woven of strands of love and compassion, caring and understanding.

Quado > A Meditation to Begin 2011

Today, hold the past in your hands.  Hold your two hands out in front of you and allow them to fill with the past, your past, every moment of it.  All that happened and did not happen, all that was wonderful and all that simply was.  Let it all fill your hands. And now, as you continue to hold your past in your hands, turn your inner vision to your heart.  See how your heart is clean and clear, free of any regret or longing.  Your heart is beating in this moment and this moment only.

Quado > The Land Beyond Words

There is a vast and wonderful place called the Land Beyond Words.  You are welcome to enter and to live in this wondrous place.  Let us go there now.

Quado > Angels & Portals – A Meditation

Today is a day for angel energy. And not just the sweet, lovely angels who sing, but also the strong, muscular angels who open the portals.

Quado > You are so much more than you realize

You are so much more than you realize.  You have deep talents and high intelligence.  You are creative and intuitive.  You are everything you need to be, capable of rising to the challenges of life with courage and strength.  You are all of this, I promise you. And so, today, let us breathe in the energy of strength, breathe in the energy of capability.  Let it all fill you as you realize what a treasure you are. There is no need to worry about coming events, for you will rise to each occasion as it comes, digging deep within you for the strength that it requires.  There is no need to worry at all, for you are a fountain of creativity, and solutions will flow easily as you discern what is around you and respond. Let life be easy.  Do not make it difficult by shrouding your gifts in doubt.  Doubt takes away what is naturally yours, the confidence and strength that you can have within you, if you will only allow it.

Quado > Each moment is an open door

Each moment exists for its time and then moves on into the past.  And each moment that is, was the future a moment before, as time flows and your life passes, this precious life, this one life that you are living at the moment. And so, in this flow of time and life, two things are true:  one is that nothing is ever lost and you have chance after chance after chance, as this life flows into another and as you are lifted up into the great oneness in which there is no time passing, simply being.  The other thing that is true at the same time is that this moment, this one right here, right now, is precious and unique, and there will never again, in this life or another to come, be another moment exactly like this one, where you and those around you are this exact manifestation of personality and body, where the sun and stars are exactly like this, where that leaf on that tree drifts down through the air in exactly this way.
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