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Quado > What Now?

The best way to discover the answer is to ask the right question.  And the question to ask is not “Why?”  The question to ask is not “When?”  The question to ask is not “What Next?”  The question to ask, and the only question to ask, is “What Now?” For within the question “What Now” is contained all the rest.  At the highest and widest, you are connected to all that is.  You know the past that contains the "Why," but you know it as a deep feeling and understanding.  To try to give words to this deep understanding is to bring in your analytical mind, and this mind loves creating puzzles and problems equally as much as it loves solving them.  So when you ask "Why," you will be presented with excuses and rationalizations that your active mind has made up as well as more and more problems and puzzles to solve.  “Why did I do that?” is so much less useful than, "What shall I do now?"

Quado > The Solution to Today’s Puzzle

The solutions to your worries and so-called problems all lie below the fear that is blocking your sight.  Every situation contains seeds within it:  seeds of opportunity and seeds of growth, perhaps even very deep spiritual growth as you come to understand and know the changing and evolving nature of life, its seasons, the way things come to be and the way things pass.  Strip away fear and stand naked before life.  Allow yourself to feel what is to be felt.  Allow yourself to be a part of what is.  Allow yourself to see what is truly there, both the situations as they are, without denial, and the possibilities for growth and learning, like the new saplings that grow from fallen giants.

Quado > Lead with Your Heart

Lead with your heart.  Let your heart show you the way. Come down here, down deep, where your heart beats, red liquid life flowing through.  Feel how your heart knows the flow.  Feel how the heartbeat of the entire world is like this, like this life blood that flows through your veins.  Your heart knows the flow. 

Quado > You Deserve It All

You deserve it all.  You deserve a life of joy and happiness.  You deserve a life of abundance.  You deserve freedom from fear and doubt.  You deserve warm and loving relationships and doing work that inspires you.  You deserve it all.

Quado > Connect and follow

I would wish for you that you be completely attuned to the flow of life around you.  I would wish for you that you be so attuned to the flow that you do not even hesitate to change direction and follow that feeling, as long as it flows deeply, as long as it is connected and true. And what you need to do is train yourself to recognize the signals.  You need to train yourself through establishing connection and through experimentation.  Learn to connect and follow.

Quado > Leave doubt at the foot of the mountain

With faith, you can move mountains. With doubt, you stand at the foot of the mountain looking up, full of trepidation, unable to take even the first step for fear that you will not be able to make it to the top. And what you miss out on with doubt is not only reaching the mountain top, it is the climb itself.  For when you do begin the climb, your life is filled with learning and courage, you embark on the journey of truly living, ledge after ledge, one footstep after another, your body and mind and spirit filled with the vibrant energy of being and doing. Whether you reach the mountaintop is truly of no consequence.  For when you do, you will see a vista of towering mountains, one higher than the next, and realize that what you have learned and become through this one climb is little compared to the wisdom and experience which yet lies before you.

Quado > The doors open

My dear friends,

I have had a vision building in me for several weeks now.  I hope the poem below helps you see what I am seeing, feel what I am feeling, ever present in my spirit mind.  May it open up this vision in your own mind, heart and spirit.


Love & peace,



 The Doors Open


Quado > The Power of Love

Come with me now, down this garden path, and sit with me at this stream. Watch how the water flows by. See how it flows over and around the rocks.

Quado > A Blessing for You to Climb

You, as you are right now, and as your life is right now, are completely responsible for the direction your life will take. From this moment forward, from the place you now stand. There will be obstacles, of course.

Quado > Your Happiness

You try so hard.  Day after day, the sweat drips from your mind and heart as you try to improve yourself and your circumstances, to show who you truly are to yourself and the world.  You try and you try and yet success seems to elude you or to come so slowly, and one little triumph is followed by backsliding, one obstacle overcome finds another in its place.  And as you look back over the years, yes, you can see improvement, you can see a gradual trek upward, but in any given day, it seems so little progress is made.
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