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At this time when the planet Venus enters into its transit of the Sun, we are indeed feeling the dance of energies as a need to be true to ourselves and to define our authentic self through our passions and through our choices. The dance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine creates a magnetic
It is an interesting thing about being a channel, you are often surprised at what comes through, and of course what doesn't. Sometimes you ask and nothing comes, and sometimes you ask and a whole lot more comes than you were expecting.
After my adventures and journeys around the United Kingdom and Canada, I am once again back home and ready to share with you all again. It was a very busy trip, with much packed in at every point. In the last week I did not have access to the internet, so was unable to share with you all that was happening at the time.
Dearest Lightworkers, you stand now on the threshold of a new year, this year of 2007. We say to you with great joy, that this will be a wonderful and miraculous year, it will be the year of Love Made Manifest on the Earth. You were given a great gift of Love in December of 2006, and the unfolding of that radiant love energy will continue throughout 2007. You will experience that Radiance and Luminosity in every aspect of your lives.

Many people wrote to me about the posts that I did on my own experiences of the Solar Light Body integration process. Most of you agreed with how difficult the process had been, and some even stated they they could not see anything different in their lives despite the process. So, here is an extract from a channel I did for a young man yesterday.

Dear Lightworkers, April is going to be one of the most momentous months in the Ascension and Transition Process. We can only say...Hold On....because everything is moving....and fast!
We are the beings known as Hathors - and we greet you today. We are an ascended race who have come into your vibrational field to assist you with the your own process of ascension and evolution. You may think of us as older sisters, for indeed that is what we are. We are part of your "family", and we rejoice at every step that you take on your own path of ascension. We offer advice, based on our own experiences, but we know that the choices are all yours, and that you, as humans ascended into multi-dimensional beings, are the ones who must create the path forward. And so we honour you. But we are here now especially to work with those beings known as Crystal children and adults, to assist them to fully express the gifts of who they are becoming.

January 8th: The Earth is in the process of recalibrating her energies after the massive infusion of light that streamed into the Collective Consciousness in December. This adjustment process is being experienced on the individual and the planetary levels.

The "Twins"....and the Goddess energy clearing the "witch hunt" energy.....: The energy has been very intense lately, and I think many people are struggling to hold and integrate this energy. I have heard reports of women collapsing and passing out, and having problems with breathing and convulsions. Personally I have been feeling very "strange", and have not felt much mental clarity.


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