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Cheryl Richardson > When the Mind Ruins a Good Fantasy

I’m sitting in the sun with my cat Wednesday nestled in my lap purring softly into my elbow. She likes to sit with me when I write and I spend more time than I should be trying to balance the keyboard on my knees...

Cheryl Richardson > Let’s Stay Together

I know what it’s like to feel anxious. I’ve experienced a heightened (and random) sense of unease throughout the last couple of years and I’m learning to weather the storm.

Cheryl Richardson > Get your ticket!

You deserve to enjoy your life regardless of what’s happening in the world. And you can. With time and consistent practice, you’ll find freedom in the silence. 

Cheryl Richardson > A Welcomed Surprise

We woke to a winter wonderland with trees laced in white and evidence of critters scurrying over snow-covered fields throughout the night. As I stare at the scene before me, I think about how beauty animates life in the most gratifying way.

Cheryl Richardson > The Art of Making Moments

Sitting by the window in the early morning light, I watch geese glide across the inky blue reservoir below. Like shooting stars in the night sky, they leave trails of light in their wake making a moment I know I’ll always remember. 

Cheryl Richardson > Turning Disappointment Into Delight

While it’s frustrating to still be limited in how we’re able to move about the world, I’m grateful for the chance to strengthen my ability to come back to this moment and simply deal with the events unfolding before me.

Cheryl Richardson > Holiday Happiness

Every night when I go to bed, I pull out a small journal from my bedside table and write a few things down. I make a note of what I did for exercise, what I did for fun, the wildlife visits I experienced on that particular day...

Cheryl Richardson > Gratitude for the One Who Is Always With You

I’m 24 years-old standing in a bathroom no bigger than a linen closet, staring at my bloodshot eyes in a mirror. I’m at work, crying over a breakup I was sure I’d never survive, trying to pull myself together to go back into my office.

Cheryl Richardson > Take the Wild Creative Ride

Last week I spent several days in a recording studio crafting a new audio project for Sounds True called, Self Care for the Wisdom Years. I loved my time in the studio.

Cheryl Richardson > What challenges us makes us stronger

The wind was howling and the rain blew sideways like sheets of frosty glass that made it hard to see beyond the windshield. We were on our way to get a foot massage, a cozy suggestion made by Michael given the stormy night that lay ahead.

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