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Cheryl Richardson > Time for a New Way Forward

I shuffled into the bathroom and looked at my sleepy self in the mirror. I immediately thought of Louise Hay and her commitment to the practice of “mirror work” – saying “I love you.

Cheryl Richardson > Give Me Some Space

Yesterday, when I went downstairs to work out in our basement, I discovered that my husband Michael had moved a large piece of equipment to another part of the room.

In February of this year I gave my husband Michael a special Valentine’s Day gift. I arranged a private salsa lesson with Piotrek, the owner of a local dance studio. Piotrek is a spiritual teacher disguised as a salsa instructor.

It's a beautiful morning and I've just plopped down in a comfy chair on the deck overlooking my backyard.  I enjoy starting the day by listening to the birds as the early light slowly brightens the sky.

Looking out the window at my withering garden, I long for time to slow down, but I know better. It’s not about time; it’s about me. I need to plant my feet in the present moment.

Cheryl Richardson > Becoming a Curator of Beauty

On this particular morning, I had the good fortune of eavesdropping on a conversation between two crows sitting in a nearby tree so I was pleasantly distracted.

On Saturday morning, just before leaving for the "I Can Do It" conference here in Toronto this weekend, I was inspired to use my own advice. I was rushing around the house trying to pack and organize so I'd be ready to meet the car taking me to the airport. 

Cheryl Richardson > Sensitive Soul: You are never alone

Being sensitive has its good days and bad days, its moving moments and its pain.  Although I wouldn’t change having a sensitive heart for anything, I do struggle to live with it sometimes .

Cheryl Richardson > Divine Intervention

I slipped out of the hotel room firmly pulling the door handle behind me to be sure it locked. My husband Michael was sound asleep and I wanted to enjoy a little breakfast...

Cheryl Richardson > Learning to Stay Where You Are

Pale was the tone of the day and the color of my mood when I woke this morning from a fitful night’s sleep. I wasn’t upset, depressed, or feeling anxious. I just felt meh.

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