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Cheryl Richardson > Really Good Self Care: Holiday wisdom from friends

Last week I asked my Facebook community to tell us how they take really, really good care of themselves during the holidays. I thought I’d share some of their ideas with you.  We have such wonderful people with wise advice.  Check it out…

Cheryl Richardson > The New Year: Carry your wisdom forward

This week marks the end of a decade and the 10th anniversary of the Life Makeover newsletters. It's been quite a journey and I look forward to continuing to share stories, ideas, and inspiration with you in 2010.

Cheryl Richardson > Theme for 2010: Get motivated & inspired!

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were everything you hoped they would be. I've been enjoying some down time, thinking about my own personal theme for 2010. I was having a hard time choosing one so I finally let go and decided to let the theme of this year find me. And it did, last night, after dinner with friends.

Last week I had a moment. On an unusually warm winter morning, while walking around the frozen reservoir near our home, I heard a loud “CRACK!” I looked out over the water wondering what happened, when I heard another “SNAP!” from several hundred yards away. Suddenly, a roar rose up from the distance and, like an oncoming train, I watched and listened as the ice fractured from across the pond, creating a giant crevice that shot toward me.

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