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Circle of Light > God Power and the Will of Love

I Am here with you. I Am all beauty, all movement, all life and I Am all power. I Am the pinnacle of the Moment of Creation containing all the energy of Creation itself vibrating at such a phenomenal rate that it becomes the glorious and massive explosion that creates the conscious cosmos and the relationship of all life.

Circle of Light > Only the Heart Matters Do Not Be Fooled by Little Minds

Beloved ones, you are the bridge, that shining bridge that links the world with the Real of Love, with eternal life, with the joy of the living Now. You are the ones who are taking up the gift brought to the world by beloved Jesus and his Twin Flame, Mary Magdalene. It is your destiny and your gift to humanity to continue this work.

Circle of Light > Becoming Present

Beloved ones, the whole world is waiting for you to free it -- not only humankind, but every life stream, every energy that is present here in the world. All of them are waiting for the freedom that you can bring through the power of your awakening in the living Now Moment, into consciousness and heart. You will find that there are many who, having understood the truth of the Now Moment – that there is no past and no future but only the present – will encourage you to become present by focusing on the physical world, being present with what you find all around you as life on Earth. But I, beloved ones, ask you to go beyond this, to recognize that the barriers to the Real have fallen. I ask you to be present with the whole Vertical axis of Creation, because all of this is available to you in this living Now Moment.
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