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Circle of Light > Becoming Present

Beloved ones, the whole world is waiting for you to free it -- not only humankind, but every life stream, every energy that is present here in the world. All of them are waiting for the freedom that you can bring through the power of your awakening in the living Now Moment, into consciousness and heart. You will find that there are many who, having understood the truth of the Now Moment – that there is no past and no future but only the present – will encourage you to become present by focusing on the physical world, being present with what you find all around you as life on Earth. But I, beloved ones, ask you to go beyond this, to recognize that the barriers to the Real have fallen. I ask you to be present with the whole Vertical axis of Creation, because all of this is available to you in this living Now Moment.

Circle of Light > It All Comes Forth From Your Union with Me

As you stand in the silence feeling the one breath, you begin to experience the remembrance of your shining union with Me. The communion of our Love becomes the one circle -- My Love, the Love that feeds you, and your whole existence is your Love with Me.

Circle of Light > Creating from the Real Through Consciousness and Love

As you open yourself to this Light, beloved ones, remember that this is your Home and when you feel My touch upon you, remember that I Am here for all eternity and we are close, closer than the very breath that you breathe. We are One.
As we turn the calendar into the New Year, I want to speak to your deepest spirit and fill your waiting heart, and I want to tell you that this coming year is the year of the opening of the Book of Life to humankind, and the year of the awakening of Twin Flames. The year that is passing released the veil built up by the ego mind that had been covering this world like a cloud, keeping away all but the faintest light. Now even though the ego minds of many are busily working to reconstruct those clouds, at least for each individual the truth is the clouds are gone. The great sun of My Love, the light and warmth of your eternal nature is pouring into this pocket of reversal and is magnetizing everyone Home.
With your every breath let yourself fly free, feeling the truth of your magnificent heart, feeling the vibration where we come together – Creator and Creator’s heart.

Circle of Light > Making The Turn - Sourcing Every Action From Your Heart

There will come a time when the world outside will not affect you, where you don't believe that it is "cold," or life is difficult…where you walk in the truth so deeply that your heart is the source of the truth I Am.

Beloved ones, the heart that is humanity is tender in its awakening. Like a tiny green shoot poking up through the Earth in the spring that is nourished by the sunlight: just so, the hearts of humankind are nourished by the one Light, the heart of God I Am. You who have remembered the truth of this one Love are here to gently nourish and to nurture and protect the precious hearts that are opening into awareness now, that you might amplify what is emerging and hold it precious in your heart.

Circle of Light > The Return of the Feminine Christ

What is the feminine Christ? I pose this question because this is what is rising now in humanity. This is what Mary Magdalene's re-emergence now brings. It signifies an awakening of the balance, because the feminine Christ has been missing. I use the word "Christ" very deliberately for it is a message unto itself.

Circle of Light > Your Hearts Are Ready to Let Love Live You

Your hearts are ready to live this awareness, and every part of you is resonating with this joyous celebration of life. Everything on Earth is changing. An avalanche of Love is now occurring. Welcome it with open arms and an open mind, that your heart may truly be its conduit and that you might stand firm as the presence of God in this world that is waking from a slumber and remembering the one truth of Love.

Circle of Light > Taking Forth the Message of Twin Flame Love

Beloved ones, the Twin Flame, the divine counterpart, the SoulMate is so important because it truly is the doorway to humanity's awakening. It is the key to every heart's remembrance, universally true without exception. For every human being wants Love.
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