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In any given day, and in any given moment, it is our choice as to which part of the river we are swimming in.

The current energies are totally pulling the rug out from everything based on artificial power, as we rapidly continue the mass connection to our individual and collective authentic power. This includes everything from our inner energy systems (eg our sense of worth and confidence, and where we get that from - is it coming from our authentic core within and higher source energy?

Dana Mrkich > January 2012 Monthly Visions: Expect More

So here we are in the long awaited year of 2012. You may have found that you went on a big spring clean of your life in the days and weeks leading up to the new year, feeling like you didn’t want to take any baggage, job, relationship, living situation or other circumstance into 2012 unless it truly felt right and good for you – even if it meant jumping into the unknown having no idea what’s waiting for you. While this can be true on one level for any new year, this year there is a stronger sense of urgency: that now is the time to act, to change, to shift, to let go.

Dana Mrkich > An almost X Class Flare that feels...Soothing!!

Who says Solar Flares can't feel lovely! We had an almost X class flare today and unlike the usual rollercoaster ride of intense emotions brought on by most flares today's felt positively soothing. The energy today felt much like having a really nurturing reiki healing or massage. It felt like it brought an extremely high vibrational wave of the 'feel good' energies we are to expect more of as we move forward into 2013

The recent couple of weeks have been filled with an incredibly difficult energy for many, coming to a crescendo this past weekend with an almost X class Solar Flare and resulting geomagnetic storm raining down on us. Think of it as an extreme intensification of Light/High Vibrational Energy (and a pre-show rehearsal for plenty more to come over the next year) which absolutely highlights and amplifies everything particularly our authentic needs, soul’s desires, old dysfunctions & any resistance remaining to wherever it is we are going.

Dana Mrkich > Doing Less...yet Experiencing More

Instead of skimming the surface with a hundred things on our to do list, and not really stopping to smell the roses along the way, it seems that more of us are feeling an urge to go a bit slower,and enjoy the scenery a lot more. 

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