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Pamela Kribbe

Jeshua Channelings > Keep Your Trust

I am Jeshua, your brother. I stand next to you, not above you. I want to touch your heart, that place where you sense that you know. I ask you to let go of your head, your thought processes, and to be present here from your heart.

Kelly M. Beard

Cancer time brings us face-to-face with some major choices & decisions (Eclipses) which will likely require some form of Assimilation & Elimination. Cancer’s gift is Processing all that passes through your system...

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

We are all feeling pushed and pulled in a million directions as we enter the Mad-hatter energy of July that seems to guide us around and around like a rip tide in a hula hoop.

Cheryl Richardson

Cheryl Richardson > Grace under Pressure

This week I’m rerunning a story about an experience I had with my friend Melissa while in Maine a few years back. It’s one way I remind myself to choose kindness in the face of unexpected, challenging circumstances.

Kate Spreckley

Right now Venus and Mars are visible in the evening sky together bringing together the feminine and the masculine. As a result, we are challenged to find a balance between these two forces both internally and externally.

Brenda Hoffman

Brenda Hoffman > New You Development is Subtle and Gentle

You have a need to be perfect, to be immediately clear of all impediments to new you. Becoming new you is a process, not an overnight activity.

Ann Albers

Ann Albers > Who Do You Want to Be?

Today the angels share a beautiful message about how we, individually and collectively, are re-creating ourselves and how we can go about it more gracefully. I'll share my current journey and how you can approach this wonderful exploration of self in a joyful way!

Lisa Transcendence Brown

As the Evolution of HUmanity continues to accelerate, the old continues to surface/become visible for FEELing and observing for expanding and shifting Consciousness...

Kate Spreckley

Tension continues to be a theme this week which is inspiring us to explore innovative and creative ways of finding liberation and freedom from that which is oppressive and restrictive.

Pamela Kribbe

For a very long time, the Earth has been in the grip of a consciousness that vibrates at a very low level. By a low-vibrating consciousness, I mean a consciousness in which everything revolves around physical survival and a struggle for power.


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