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2023 is a bi-lateral-layered numerical year. With two distinct doorways of energy we will walk thru. The number 20 that lives within 2023 displays strength, awareness and sensitivity.

2023 brings many lessons that have lagged in the coming to fruition. Mandates of truth are shadow dancing with the world hiding what is in plain sight. All actions and words contradict each other...

We herald from the suns behind the suns, the light behind the light.  We are your reflection as we are your beginning.  We are all that has ever existed and all that has been birthed into form throughout time.  And thus we are one with you as we are one with all.  You may recognize our essence as the sun, the star, and the being-ness known as Alcyone a light within the Pleiadian Star System. 

We are of the Sananda Council of Light. Within our Triad, there are 10 Councils of Light including the Lords of Karma and Restructuring Councils. Many of you walk stagnantly through your life. Doing what you needs to be done, saying what needs to be said, all without attachment.

In the expansion of time, there is a contraction of time. In moving forward there is a simultaneous moving backward. At this particular time portal of 2016 getting to the destination of the future can only be accessed through doorways from the past.

When the forces of Eleven become fully activated they have the power to change history in the making. Within the number and sequences of Eleven (29, 47, 38, 56, 74, 92, 83, 65) lives all answers and even more questions. Eleven teaches us every problem comes as a divine opportunity. It shows us how to see beyond what is everyday and boring. It try's and tests our faith and our belief system and our faith. It forces us to listen to that small still quiet voice within the silent witness.

Well dear ones it is finally here. We have all waited a long time for these energies. We have each held the light steadfastly with open arms and a clear heart awaiting the cycle change. When I first started working with the 2012 energies, I thought I would be an old woman by the time they finally got here, but alas I’m still a kid at heart and actions.

You are known in the universe as the ‘seekers’.  You ask questions when many others do not even bother to think in that direction.   You strive to remember where you have come from, you seek the oneness of love that you know lives as a singular event within your heart and you look for that in the eyes of all that you meet.  Time dances around you, winding and unwinding in such precision that a clock master would be jealous....

When two or more are gathered in intention and heart, the universe will lift them to a place of miracles made manifest.  When a person of wisdom give others his truths and secrets, a new lattice of light is created and each person light quotient is then increased

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan > 2022 Affirmations for the Soul

No person, place or thing can keep me from that which the Universe has for me now.  All that has been done against me now helps me.

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