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Goddess Light > Infinity & the Lion’s Gate

I always love this first channel of August because it taps into the energy of the Lion’s Gate. This a time when a portal opens on 08-08 which allows for a huge influx of crystalline energy around abundance.

Goddess Light > Celebrate the Season, Celebrate Life!

You will find that this journey was filled with many levels of energy. As we began in the All That Is, the Goddess created an outdoor amphitheater. I had a sense of rows of people, plus others lounging around. Once created, she began to show everyone the history of consciousness on the earth...

Nama Sika,  Venia Benya          I AM the one, I AM the whole I greet you my beloved family! I rejoice with you at this time of the year upon the earth.  With our last group connection, it was a time of evaluating and releasing, setting forth energies for the New Year to come.  And now, just recently you stepped forth fully into this New Year and into this new energy that you have been generating, that you have been bringing into the earth plane and assisting in the evolution of the earth.  We will talk a great deal of many things this evening, in particular that which has happened upon the earth so recently.  There is more and more that is going on, and that is but a drop in the bucket in some aspects. 

Goddess Light > The Sun and Moon in Balance

This channel uses the sun and the moon to represent our masculine and feminine energies in creating balance within life.  Through clearing and balancing within the energies of sun and moon you can create a new perspective. 

Goddess Light > Creating A Conscious Change

There are a lot of people who have been feeling frustrated with the slow changes in their lives. I keep hearing again and again of what they want, but don’t seem to have it coming in. So in this channel the Goddess addressed this and gave each us tips to use in how to create change. The main thing she said was ‘change does not come from where you are; it comes from your imagination or your creative part of your brain.’ Or something to that affect!

Goddess Light > You Are a Beacon of Light

So much happened during this channel that I feel as if I could write a book!! In part, the Goddess summarized some of the major things that she’s worked with over the past year. 

Goddess Light > Bringing In New Energy Consciousness

Nama sika; venia benya         I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! 

Goddess Light > Cellular Regeneration

We are moving into the next level of integration with the crystalline energies.  This channel took place on the Summer / Winter Solstice which created a really powerful foundation for the work we did. 

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I am the One; I am the Whole.

I greet you beloved family! Welcome to our time together.

Goddess Light > The Ancient Ones Speak of Time

Any time the Ancient Ones come to talk with us there is an amazing, powerful energy and download that everyone receives. The Ancient Ones are three beings who have been a part of the Earth’s evolution from the beginning of time. 

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