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Goddess Light > Yeshua & Your Ascension

You’ve chosen to live upon the earth, to be in this place of experiencing life in physicality. You have chosen in many ways to shield your consciousness from the full impact of your soul. You are also here at a time where there are shifting energies...

Goddess Light > Sananda & the Wesak Festival

You live upon the Earth during a time of transition.  You live upon the Earth during a time in which you are creating your own life, your own reality. However, in doing so it creates opportunities and potentials for the many, many other people that are also upon the Earth. 

Goddess Light > The Vibration of Beauty

Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder; indeed this is true. Beauty had been defined by society to be a specific shape, person, reality or experience. When you allow beauty as a vibration to integrate into your life you are moving beyond the ego perspective of beauty.

Goddess Light > New Beginnings

How often in life would you like to have a New Beginning?  If you are seeking change or to start over, it takes place on a number of different levels.

We greet you and welcome you with leaps of joy!!  Feel our energies as you connect with us.  Feel as if you are riding upon our back.  We are here to assist you in what ever way you may need.  We are here to bring through the energies of change; to bring through the energies of being in the space of joy or what ever it may be that you are seeking to have in your life.  There are many many different ways in which people can tap into the energies that are occurring or shifting upon the earth at this time.  Therefore, if you seek to join with us, we can also assist you in what you are seeking to shift.   

Goddess Light > Jeshua and Your Ascension Process


Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

Goddess Light > Accept You Being YOU

The majority of the time, these teleconferences are about releasing something and then opening to receive.  This one is about just receiving.  Have you had a situation recently where you just received energy?

Goddess Light > All About Love

I greet you beloved family!  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to embrace all of you who come to choose to come to share this time with me.  I so look forward to each opportunity that we take in getting together. 

Goddess Light > Clearing Your Imprints

We are created out of energy and the many, many layers of our energy emit a vibration.  This vibration is something that can be very dramatic and straightforward, or it can be very subtle.  When we create our lives we do so through our intention that we consciously create. 

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