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Goddess Light > Releasing Emotions and Opening to New Potentials

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the whole

I greet you Beloved family. Welcome to our time together. Welcome to this time of sharing, this time of nurturing, this time of love.

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I am the One; I am the Whole.

Goddess Light > You are Family & the Energy Spa

Nama sika; venia benya    I AM the one, I AM the whole Welcome, welcome my beloved family! 

Every time that we come together, I send forth a greeting to my family.  Everyone walking upon the earth is a part of my family, therefore each of you who come together in this group are also a family.  So often at this time of the year, people may find themselves feeling separated, feeling alone, feeling isolated as if nobody understands them or as if they are physically alone in the world as indeed so many people are.

Goddess Light > Today is a New Beginning

I knew since this was the first channel of the year that the Goddess would have a lot of information, but I did not expect what happened!! First of all, if you listen to the channel my voice is odd because I had laryngitis!

Goddess Light > Awareness of Your Levels of Vibration

Nama sika; venia benya   I AM the one, I AM the whole, I greet you beloved family! 

I reach out to each one of you.  Open and let yourself take a breath in, breathing in my love and my awareness.  I know how much you enjoy coming together for these journeys with me.  I too enjoy this time together and I enjoy and appreciate the way I am becoming more and more anchored upon the earth.

Goddess Light > Weave Your Pattern of Light

How often do you find yourself getting stuck in a rut where you have thoughts that pull you down or your emotions or perhaps you’re even influenced by all the media? 

Goddess Light > Illuminate Your Unconscious

Our unconscious is quite massive and has a greater affect upon us than we may sometimes realize. This is where all you are seeking resides until it manifests into your life.  When things don’t happen as anticipated, it could be there’s a blockage in your unconscious.

Goddess Light > Expressing Your Authentic Self

During this next year, the earth will experience more and more of the lightbody energy infusing into the collective consciousness. Therefore if you have already created an alignment and receive this flow into your life; you will feel better and manifest with greater ease.

Goddess Light > Balancing Your Ego

One of the most consistent messages from the Goddess is about balance; balance in life, balance in emotions, balance in thoughts and so on.  During this journey, the Goddess had us working with the energies of ego in several different ways.

Goddess Light > 2014 New Year Message from the Goddess of Creation

I channeled the Goddess for a message about some of the things to expect this in this coming year.  As you listen to the video, there may be a few areas where it's jumpy.

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