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Beloved Sustainers of Light,

We greet you today with much excitement, for the time is nearing for the great awakening of humanity! This is what you came here for ~ in case, in any way, you had forgotten. Of course, forgetting has been part of the plan, and it is now that you will remember.

HeartLight > Take It to Heart

Blessings, fellow Children of the Light!

Know that you are boundless and eternal, ever expansive and full of everything that is divine ~ for you are just that. Divine! How important it is to remember this each day, each moment.

Beloved ones, you gather once again to expand the consciousness of yourselves and consequently the entire human race.

Behold, this is the moment of Truth! The time of our reckoning. We know that sounds very ominous, but it is to get your attention. Your attention to remember the most important reason for your presence here at this time, and that is to anchor paradise. To create the life of your perfect dreams. Please, please ignore the illusion of death and destruction and
You gather for grand purposes. Each time your individual light beams gather, they are refracted in a prism of beautiful light and magnified for the benefit of all. You are few who contribute to the many. Each time a group gathers with the intent of magnification of God's glory, it is so. It is your intent that does the work, not necessarily what you do when
You are all indeed blossoming and growing with the Spring! It has been a time of insight and stretching, has it not? We are proud of your perseverance and your commitment. Don't stop! In all things, it is just the beginning. You can feel in your bodies right now the reason why great infusions of light cannot be made spontaneously and that the new energy

HeartLight > Painting Paradise

Greetings beloved servants of God!

We greet you as you gather in awakened consciousness on this day! It is such an important time. You can feel the importance of this time. As all are saying - it is the time that you have been waiting for - the time has come for you to flower! You know this, from the depths of your soul and now to your daily knowing.

HeartLight > Think Translucently

Blessed ones - we are honoured to be with you today. Be still - for you fret too much. Do not worry about "what is going on out there" but be only concerned with what is going on "in here"...within yourselves. The external is but a small fraction of the internal program - like the "screen" on your computer compared to its full capabilities. Do not be mesmerized

HeartLight > Focus on Love

Dear Child of the Universe - blessed Star Child - we are here with you now. We are always pleased to be of service to you to in turn inspire and induce you to be of service to others, for you are the same conduit of Divine Love and magic! It is important for you to remember who you are at all times and this means ALL TIMES - especially when the illusion
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