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Dear Hearts, you long to be free of obstacles. You must know by now that obstacles are a thought in your mind. Sometimes you feel that nothing seems to work right for you. You try to find a paper, and you cannot find it. It is true that you cannot find the paper, yet it is you who decides that looking for the paper must be considered an obstacle.

God said:

Only your Oneness is marked in stone. All else is a mere mark on the surface. A wave washes it away.
All the marks on the surface are the past, beloveds, There is the past, and there is the Eternal. All you really have is the Eternal. And that is your Being, and that is you, and that is I.

Let birth and death be blessings, and all the life in between be a blessing as well. Why, what else should life be but a blessing, beloveds? What would you prefer to make of the life before you? Choose to be blessed and bless. Why embrace suffering when, for the same money, you can have and give joy? Acknowledge that you are fortunate in life, and relish your life.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2483 Background Music

Hail to your heart, this wonderful plum of a heart that We share. Be heart-minded, beloveds. Favor your heart.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2578 Old Tin for Gold

How kind I am. How giving. How generous. There is never a moment when I am not giving to you. Why would I give in order to take away? And what is there that I would take from you? I give unending joy and love. I, God, am not a taker. I am a Giver.

God said:

It is not that you teach people. You do not teach. You do not explain. You are not an instructor. You are a revealer. You are an exponent of knowledge and love. You may talk, but you are not a talker, do you understand?

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2165 Be in Love

 God said: Much of the time in life, you sputter. You go back and forth in activity as though it were a loom. Sometimes you dart here and there so as not to think or not to do that which is before you to do. You spin your wheels, beloved. You already know that. That is all right. Just acknowledge that is what you are doing, that you are getting caught up in something that is not significant, just occupying yourself with it. It is true that you do have to be occupied with something while you are on Earth. You are never really doing nothing. Even when you are sitting still, you have thoughts going around. Even when you are sitting still, you are contemplating getting up! You play well the game called Activity.
Gloria to God: Dear God, the people at the Bucharest Godwriting™workshop were sensational. They came in pouring out love. They had already read Your book, and they loved You to begin with. They were so beautiful I don’t know what to say. It was like being in a movie, God, like Chariots of Fire, like Rocky, only better than any movie. For a little time on Earth, I knew how brilliant love could be, how there could be so much of it given and so much received, how hearts can sparkle and all the light bounce off all other hearts. God, I have had a peak experience. I understand how people want to bow down to You. My heart has been kissed by Your love given by the people in Romania who came to the Godwriting™ workshop. God: Simply enjoy the love so willingly given. Gloria: You may be sure I made the point that all applause is for You, God.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2224 Rising Higher

God said: All the good that comes to you is for you. It is aimed at you. An arrow you shot comes back. And, yet, beloveds, it is not always like that. Or, another way of saying this is that you can’t comprehend how so much good can come to you. In the same way as you respond when a beautiful meal appears before you in a restaurant, take the good that comes to you and lap it up. You don’t have to know where it comes from. Rather, you do know where it comes from. It is a gift from your Father in Heaven Who loves you, loved you the first instant He thought of you, has never stopped, cannot stop, would not stop. I have no choice, beloveds. I Who am Love can only love, and that is the story of Creation.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN 2194 The Song of Life

God said: Life would be easy except for the ideas you have. Really, you ask a lot of life, beloveds. You want it to be your servant, and you want it to serve instantly, even when you keep changing your mind or having no idea of what you want or what you are really asking. It is fine for you to have a thousand desires. It is desirable to have desires. Have as many desires as you want. Desires are good. Demanding their fulfillment at your whim is another story. Let your desires go out there and up into the universe. A juggler tosses balls up, and gets back what he throws. However, a juggler is limited to what he throws. You are greater than a juggler, beloveds, because you are unlimited.
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