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God Said:

The giving of love cannot be wasted. Only unused love can be wasted. What a waste of life it is when love is kept back, pushed down, closeted, cellared, delayed, denied, unbeknownst even to itself. This is the crime of the century, and it has been committed rampantly.

Heavenletters > Heaven #2694 Be a True Star

The language you use matters. Language is only language, yet your choice of words matters. How you speak bespeaks your relationship to the world. How you speak bespeaks how you think the world relates to you.

I would suggest that you favor gentle speech. That may help to tame the world and yourself.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2285 Spilling the Paint

God said: You have come to believe the role you play. You are acting on a stage, and you have dreamed it is true. You forgot you are a mere actor on a stage. You forgot you are in costume. You forgot you have a life other than the one you are portraying now. You play a role, and you have come to think it is the real thing. You have come to believe that the dress you wear is you and that the stage you cross is where you are. You have held on to this part you play. You are convinced it is you, when nothing could be farther from the truth. Today you may play a child. Tomorrow an adult. Later an old man. And yet you are none of these. You are far greater than the evident.

You were always told to be smart. I want to tell you that it is not always wise to be smart.

God said:

You know happiness when you see it. What is so hard then about seeing it? You only punish yourself when you elect to be away from happiness.

This is how you lose yourself in order to find yourself. In your simple service to Me, you blossom. You are not thinking about finding yourself. You aren't thinking about blossoming. You are not even thinking of service as a means to come closer to Me. Your thought and service become one. It is not even that you think of what you can do to serve Me.

God said:

Good fortune is yours. Good fortune is racing on its way to you. Good fortune has your name on it. This is the premise for you to go by. Don't you feel wonderful when you think of all the good fortune that is rushing to you? Why not then, beloveds, come from that place where you feel wonderful? Why would you ever want to come from any other place?

Heavenletters > Heaven #4097 A Palace of Hearts

Let love come first. Let love beat all. Love will win any day. The one who gives love is the winner. He wins the day. He wins love. He steps out of the fray and gives love, and he comes to know love from the depth of his heart.

Heavenletters > Heaven #3739 For Love

Love is not effort. Love is the natural state when you allow it to be. Hear this: Love does not have to look loving. It doesn’t have to round the bend like a herd of galloping horses. It doesn’t have to look a certain way. It doesn’t have to be bright colors. It doesn’t have to be notable. It just has to be and to be allowed to be.

Heavenletters > Heaven #2771 God Be Praised

Beloveds, I am telling you how to see yourself. See yourself as the God Being that you are. It is for you to know what you are worth. Know it, and then be quiet about it. No one else needs to know. It is not for you to blab about. It is not for you to say a word about your worth. There are some things to be still about, and this is one. Keep your worth to yourself. In words I mean.


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