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Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2167 Deep in Eternity

 God said: You hurry along in life as if it were a race. There is no race. There is just life. You have wanted to be ahead of it. You get out of breath, you pant at breakneck speed. Life in the world waits for you. It will carry you forward. Life has its own pace. You can’t get ahead of it. You can’t predict it. You can’t stop or start it. It has its own momentum. You are not hapless nor helpless in life, and yet life is not always yours to command. You can beg life, you can whip it, but life has a mind of its own. You ride the horse you are on, beloveds. You have your ideas of what life should be, and life doesn’t always listen. You simply don’t want to make too much of life as you live it in the world. You don’t want to make scenes. Embrace life instead, no matter what coat it wears on a particular day.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2166 Translating God

 God said: In life you are translating Me all the time. When you ask yourself, “What shall I do? How do I know what is the best thing to do?” you are asking: “What is it that God would choose? What does God want me to do? How do I make the right choice? What do I do that is nearer to Truth?” You have much leeway because I leave choices to you. Free will is yours to use. You guess as best you can. “Should I marry this man or that? Should I take this job or that? Should I drive my car this route or that? How shall I answer this email, what do I say?” You have to guess a lot, beloveds. You have to approximate. You can wrestle with a question forever. At some point, you have to decide. You decide as best you can. You follow your heart as much as you can. Certain or uncertain, decisions are for you to make. Others can advise you, but you are the one who has to make your own decisions. They were given to you.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2165 Be in Love

 God said: Much of the time in life, you sputter. You go back and forth in activity as though it were a loom. Sometimes you dart here and there so as not to think or not to do that which is before you to do. You spin your wheels, beloved. You already know that. That is all right. Just acknowledge that is what you are doing, that you are getting caught up in something that is not significant, just occupying yourself with it. It is true that you do have to be occupied with something while you are on Earth. You are never really doing nothing. Even when you are sitting still, you have thoughts going around. Even when you are sitting still, you are contemplating getting up! You play well the game called Activity.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2164 Your Life

 God said: Of what shall I speak to you today? Of what expanse? Of what horizon? Of what sun in the sky? Or moon, or stars? What shape of love shall I speak to you of today? What picture shall I paint for you? And what will you paint for Me, beloveds? What crayons will you draw with today, and what will you draw? What will happiness look like today? How will it be sculptured? What music will accompany it? What silence? Where are you going today? And what will you be doing?
 God said: Look up. No matter what, look up. See the sun. Look up, and see brightness. Keep looking up, beloved. When your eyes pain you, look up. When your heart hurts you, look up. When you feel bereaved, look up. The physical act of looking up will change the circumference of your thoughts. Heaven, as pictured, is a metaphor, and yet, like all metaphors, it contains Truth. When you look Heavenward, healing occurs. Even when your eyes are closed, look up. You will also be looking inward. Stand tall and straight. Picture a sterling golden chain of love from Heaven holding you erect. Straight posture is good because it makes a straight line to and from Heaven. You might as well picture the straight line from you to Heaven and Heaven to you. It is not all imagination to think this. Besides which, your imagination can do anything. Imagine what you want to come to pass.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2162 Count to One

God said: There is always the sunshine. There never is a moment that the sun is not shining. It never closes its eyes. The world travels to the sun, and the sun blesses the world as it passes under its eye. The sun is focused, ever reverent on shining its golden light on everyone and everything. And so I am like a sun to you. Irrespective of season, events, blemishes, I bless. I do not sort. I bless all alike. No one has any more of Me than you do. I give no more to anyone than I give to you, nor do I ever give anyone less. Never do I give more to you one day than I give to you the next. I give you everything every moment. I give non-stop, and I give My All to all.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2161 The Yellow Sun

God said: You wonder how you can be Divine and Human at the same time. Your Divinity and Human Experience do not always match. Your Human life has not always kept up with Truth. It runs a race, gets out of breath, and does not always keep up. This is the paradox of life. Life is ever beautiful, and life is not always beautiful. This is not a paradox you have to do something about. It’s true that you can change the world, but not yet instantly, not yet so far. Meanwhile, you take life as it comes. When life appears to discount you or embroil you in drudgery or vacant despair, simply don’t stay there. Who said you had to be stuck in a bad mood?

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2160 God Is an Inkwell

God said: What is Godwriting? It is sort of like going to a concert. You sit there. You hear the music. Your foot taps. You become the music. The music becomes you. You are entranced with it. It runs through your bloodstream. You capitalize on it. You get lost in the music, as it were, but, of course, you find yourself in it. When you leave the concert, the notes recede. You hear them no longer. You have gone on with ordinary life on Earth. You become preoccupied with other things. Fortunately, when it is Godwriting, you jotted down the notes in a notebook, and you can refer to them. From whence comes Godwriting? It comes from Me. I whisper in your ear. You hardly hear, and yet you do hear. You hear enough. You catch My drift. I am immortal, and yet you immortalize My words. You write them in love. All writing is love, beloveds. There is not a word pressed on paper that is not love.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2159 On the Dance Floor

God said: What is thunder and lightening but thunder and lightening, a storm that inevitably passes. What are storms in life if not the same? They come, they go. You weather them. You walk through them. Storms are only storms. Life is yours no matter what. There is no stepping out of life, yet you are so familiar with illusion -- you are so familiar with it, you take it for Truth. You cannot go out on a limb in life. Certainly it seems so, but seeming isn’t so. The only Truth is Truth. I cannot tell you the Truth enough, that you and I are One, inseparable. You are One under God -- not one person, one nation, one planet, one Earth – but one pulsing heart and reverberating soul.

Heavenletters > HEAVEN #2158 One Verse

 God said: You came to Me during the night. You left your cares with Me. I took them. You were awake in My arms as your body slept. Blessed are you who sleep in My arms, and so blessed are you ever upon Earth. It is not that you forget yourself in sleep. It is that you have true remembrance. Not even remembrance, because you experience anew the refreshment of closeness to Me. Your mind wanders no longer. You find the sweet nectar of Oneness that you have been seeking. You come up against it, and meld with it. You let go of all that was other. No wonder you love sleep. No wonder you bury your head in it. You may have thought that you are in a deep cloud as you sleep, but, in sleep, you are in the bright sunshine. And it is, when you suppose yourself awake, you sleep. You sleepwalk until sleep ascends once more, and you are awake. Will you remember now?
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