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Sound is a nurturing aspect of our lives taken for granted. Sound is a part of our daily life, yet those unable to hear find the sound in sight. Those of us with the use of all five senses must come into full awareness of them to truly enjoy our surroundings. From the sounds of the city to the sounds of nature, each one has purpose and distinction in tone. From deciphering the sounds with our hearing, we can determine what the object is and the distance. Our hearing can act as a guide for our surroundings; however sound plays a much more important role in our life.

Hillis Pugh > Christmas Spirit

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year, mainly for the egg nog and peppermint bark. Why I love Christmas the most is how humanity opens up their heart and gives of themselves. All the random acts of giving, bearing witness too and participating. Giving is why we are here.

The guardians are the gatekeepers of our lives. They keep us safe from all harm. They come in many forms, family, friends, lovers, and even pets. Most of the guardians watching over us are from our long ancestry line. They can even be connected to us from a previous life, if you believe in reincarnation. Their sole purpose is to protect and guide us.

Compassion is having a general love and understanding of your fellow man. This lower frequency of love offers and gives respect to the spiritual beings we all are. As a collective, we always say respect is earned and not given. We must honor the spirits we are and share space with, yet we lose respect for others as humans who have conflicting interest, selfish motives, or harmed us in anyway. It's ok to have the lost of respect of a person, but be sure it's for the right reasons.

Fear can help us better understand the world and limitations we placed on ourselves throughout life. Once we have assimilated and released the fear(s), we are free to be who we are as individuals and collective. There are two types of fear; a fear to hinder or control us from reaching our fullest potential and the other to keep us safe. The fear of control is not of our own. It was imprinted on us from someone close to us, family or friend. The fear can even be based from a past life experience, if you believe in reincarnations.

Be thankful for responsibility.

As a collective we believe wisdom comes from age and experience. This is only half true. Yes through experience, we develop a keen wisdom for matters in the world. This experience is developed through observation of others and self. Our senses aide in the wisdom developed. The senses guide us to experience different life sensations.

Knowledge provides us with insight to world we live in and interested facts. We learn what we desire to learn, things we are interested in. I'm sure most of us at one point or another wondered why we are interested in a particular subject. With this level of knowledge and curiosity comes power. It is what we do with this knowledge and curiosity to give it power.

What is the definition I refer to of taboo; when there is culture, race or a defined group of people unwilling to have open discussions of things in existence, due the shame or embarrassment the subject may cause. However the previously mentioned will have open discussions with very close companions, friends or family. The reason being is the level of comfortably in the connection shared. When the same subject is mentioned in public there is heightened level of embarrassment or shame that creeps over us as one culture.

Yes gratitude is another form of thanks, but what makes it different is the joy that comes with it. Gratitude is an extension of joy leading to the manifestation of all things in the world. Remember there is no good nor bad, just the labels we have created to define an action or item our personalities disagree with. We have to learn to open and receptive to all things. When we show our natural gratitude for something given to us, the world responds to our actions and thoughts.

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