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Forgiveness stems from love. You can be apologetic; by saying you're sorry, without feeling love. To forgive takes courage, because it is a deeper emotion since it's tied to love. To forgive someone when they not know what they do, takes a great deal of love and openness. When forgiveness has taken place, your heart becomes more open and the heart can heal with time.

Be thankful this day for personal evolution. 

Be thankful for responsibility.

We all have been of service to others in our life, whether if it was to our employer, family member, friend, even a stranger, or ourselves. There are times when we perform acts of kindness, a noble or good deed out of reluctance; we hold it over person's head. Most acts of service are carried out with a level of fear, obligation or selfishness with expectation. Example, you do a favor for someone, then a few weeks later you need something, you approach the person and ask the favor, they may say, "I'm sorry I'm unable too", then you say, "Remember when I did that favor you."

Knowledge provides us with insight to world we live in and interested facts. We learn what we desire to learn, things we are interested in. I'm sure most of us at one point or another wondered why we are interested in a particular subject. With this level of knowledge and curiosity comes power. It is what we do with this knowledge and curiosity to give it power.

It's the energy within us that's resilient, not our body. Our body's are made to heal from bruises and broken bones, but is the care we receive during this time to assist in the healing process. It's the energy of life we receive to aide in all natural healing for the body. When we are weary, we stop to pay attention to what is wrong and seek healing. Though the healing we seek is external, true healing begins internally.

Recently I wrote about relationships, and how we must have a relationship with ourself. To create a healthy relationship with ourself, we must look at our purpose(s) and passion(s). All we do and are revolves around them, both consciously and unconsciously. When a goal, job, or any action or thought feels forced, it is not in alignment with purpose. When there is a natural flow to all we do, when it feels effortless, then we are in alignment with our purpose.

Life is so simple yet complex by design. Our life is transformed energy to survive in a world created for us to experience all joy and emotions. No matter how much control you seem to have over something, there tends to be one thing you have no control over. This is a process where we have to learn to let go and live life accordingly to your life's purpose. No matter the size of the purpose, it will have an impact on a life or lives in the world we live in.

When most people think of solitude, they of someone being forced or choosing isolation. Solitude is moments of escapism for the world we know, the world we created. It's moments of peace, time taken to sit in stillness to better observe and severe self. Not by any means is solitude being selfish. It's giving to self to be better, to grow and understand who we truly are to better serve humanity.

Innocence is most referred to when speaking of children, yet we are all children of God. God cares for His children; we are all taken of and not forsaken. With children, it is easy for them to see the world as it truly is, because they are not tainted with the life situations we create. They don't make life or situations complex from the conditioning or images portrayed in the world. They simply see the world and people as they are. Innocence provides a clear level of clarity and truth.

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